Thank you to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception for your virtual and online mass services during the Coronavirus health pandemic.


These thoughts reflect upon the reopening of schools from amidst and emerging from the Coronavirus. I write and question the importance of schooling, the need for learning, and offer a conclusive point, about the vital needs of taking care of the human body and organ of the brain.

Jerry Pacheco

Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives and colleagues of Houston Fire Department: HFD Jerry Pacheco. Pacheco was a 17 year veteran fire fighter with the Houston Fire Department, who passed away from his battle with COVID-19. At this time we offer and extend our thoughts of sympathy to his familyContinue reading “Jerry Pacheco”


The USMCA seeks to offer congratulations upon the recent signing of the document. I write that it would have been nice to see all three nations presence, but was further inspired with the Mexican President’s visit as he acknoledges shares history between Mexico and the USA. I connect these thoughts to the recent toppling of statues, with a belief that the erasing of history with violent acts is not a solution.


These thoughts are a continuation of previous blog posts with reference to the writing entitled: The Two Narratives. Within these thoughts I attempt to offer a conclusive thought,. With a moment of unity and the point of a cusp, to further describe that the larger issues are tackled within the lens of the microcosm. Communities / systems to create results, thus; what else matters? #ShaziaBlog


These thoughts reflect upon a recent video that I watched that has enabled discussion and reflective viewpoints. To once again desire for openness to learning and dialogues that are associated with the racial topics. Within these thoughts I offer a historical viewpoint relating to migration. #ShaziaBlog


These thoughts reflect upon the two social narratives that have stemmed from two social / public concerns. I write about the interconnections, to offer a view that is related to social constructionism, that are created to influence public thought and behaviour.


This blog post is a continuation of a previous thoughts entitled: The Economic Stakes! As an update I have included an instagram post and also new legislation that will provide relief for restaurant businesses!