“H.R.26 – Born – Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.”

As an important addition to my previous thoughts I would like to further develop with the inclusion of “H.R.26 – Born – Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.” Thank you House Senate GOP that passed the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” on the 11th of January 2023, this ensures that doctors take care of babies that areContinue reading ““H.R.26 – Born – Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.””


On Sunday January 8th 2022 President Joseph R. Biden Jr., and delegation took a trip to visit the U.S. Southern Border where he landed in El Paso, Texas. A bipartisan group of Republican Senators also visited during this time. Aamid much criticism of the President’s handling of the migrants arriving from Central and South AmericaContinue reading “PRESIDENT BIDEN’S BORDER VISIT.”


I would like to take the time to congratulate all of the winners, nominees, support staff and all who make the Golden Globe Awards possible!! Congratulations!! I was proud to join you for the last 30 minutes of the Award ceremony that took place on January 10th 2023. I appreciated to see your beautiful gownsContinue reading “GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS 2023.”


January 11th is also known as Human Trafficking Awareness Day. This day seeks to raise awareness for the forced trafficking of humans in all kinds of forms. This includes slavery, human trading, sexual exploitations, and forced labor. It also includes forced marriage, the smuggling of humans and exploitations. While I think that the word consentContinue reading “HUMAN TRAFFICKING AWARENESS DAY 2023.”


I was inspired to learn more about the app named TikTok that is owned by the Chinese company named ByteDance Ltd (Limited). Especially from Twitter posts that were shared from Florida’s Republican Senior Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), in-particular I was drawn to the views associated with TikTok as a threat for American Security. I tookContinue reading “TIK TOK ANALYSIS.”


I took the time to reflect upon the year of 2022. I know that sometimes we tend to focus upon what didn’t work out, why did this or that happen, or things didn’t work out the way we would have wanted to or not. These thoughts are linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, that has nowContinue reading “NEW YEAR’S EVE REFLECTIONS | 2022.”


As I was taking the time to reflect upon the Christmas season of 2022, I connected my reflections with current events as well as the actions of leaders. Especially to mention the crisis of the U.S. Southern border and the influxes of migrants that desire a safe haven in the United States of America. WhileContinue reading “CHRISTMAS REFLECTIONS 2022!!”


I would like to congratulate the United States Congress for the successful passage of the “Respect for Marriage Act” (RFMA) H.R. 8404. I am proud to support this bill especially to place emphasis as well as an important reminder for the recognitions of marriage equality. While reactions for the bills passage will vary especially accordingContinue reading ““RESPECT FOR MARRIAGE ACT.””


As I close my eyes and drift away to a land where there is love, health, peace and blessings. I wanted to take the time to think and reflect. The truth is that I decided to take a break from writing my blog posts. The decision was one that contains elements of flexibility given thatContinue reading “THE POLITICS OF GLOBALIZATION.”


The truth is the other day as we were taking the time to have a conversation around the table, I reiterated that I don’t think that any form of extremism is a good idea and that in all the spheres of life, a type of balance is necessary. And even if there are individuals andContinue reading “RESPONSE | SOUL OF THE NATION?!”