Please welcome our latest embroidery creation that I have entitled as Texas Bluebonnet. I was inspired to create this embroidery as I learned that the Texas Bluebonnet is a national state symbol that was officially designated in 1971, when the 62nd Texas state legislature passed house resolution number 44. The formal name of the flowerContinue reading “TEXAS BLUEBONNET.”


With the arrival of the French President and his wife Mr. and Mrs. Macron, the British Prince of Wales William and Princess of Wales and Catherine, at the White House of the United States of America to meet with President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden: I reflected upon the historical times within AmericanContinue reading “HARMONIOUS RELATIONS.”


I took the time to reflect upon the ancient Greek, Religious Scribes and Pharisees. While the breadth and depth of these groups is beyond the scope of this blog-post. I reflected upon their efforts as traditional scribes whose writing was a practitioner form to create legal documents or as conveyors of truth, similar to modernContinue reading “SCRIBE VALUE??”


I would like to wish the 2022 FIFA World Cup International tournament that is taking place in Qatar this year a successful event as the host nation. Qatar represents the first ever Arab nation to hold the FIFA World Cup in the Khalifa International Stadium!! Good Luck to all the teams!! Image Link With LoveContinue reading “FIFA WORLD CUP 2022!!”


As I learned of the Zero Covid protests in China with the public unrests and desires to ease restrictions, I reflected upon these actions juxtaposed with the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 stemming from China. I wondered if the former and the latter are associated with biblical ideas conveyed within the Colossians 2: 20-22. TheContinue reading “CHINA PROTESTS.”

Book Reflections | “CUBA: AN AMERICAN HISTORY” Ada Ferrer.

Winter Reading (s) | As I take the time to reflect upon the first reading of Ada Ferrer’s prologue from the book entitled: “Cuba: An American History” (2021), I was inclined to write upon the impressive reviews to delightfully taste the poetic prose of rich history intertwined with Cuba’s American History. I foresee that FerrerContinue reading “Book Reflections | “CUBA: AN AMERICAN HISTORY” Ada Ferrer.”


¡Me gustaría desear a todos los que celebran el Día de Acción de Gracias estadounidense un muy feliz día de Acción de Gracias 2022! En particular, expreso mi más profunda gratitud a todos los que sirven, se sacrifican y comparten logros para lograr la gloria dada por Dios para los Estados Unidos de América. EnContinue reading “FELIZ DÍA DE ACCIÓN DE GRACIAS 2022!!”


I would like to wish everyone that celebrates American Thanksgiving a very happy thanksgiving day 2022!! In particular I express my deepest gratitude to all who serve, sacrifice as well as share accomplishments to achieve God-Given glory for The United States of America!! In victory or defeat, at home or abroad our hearts we areContinue reading “HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2022!”


Upon the week and upcoming Thanksgiving Day 2022 I would like to wish everyone that will celebrate thanksgiving the very best of wishes. I especially would like to convey my love and gratitude to military service men and women, civilians and all who serve and sacrifice for the United States of America, domestic and foreign.Continue reading “THANKSGIVING REFLECTIONS 2022.”


As the preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas take place – I am reminded of the 2022 seasonal days, when I decided to read Louisa May Alcott’s classical novel entitled: “Little Women.” I mention this as normally I would watch the film yearly. Upon reading the novel as well as a few other well-loved classics. IContinue reading “ONE KISS.”