My thoughts of love, prayers and condolences to family, friends, relatives and all who are affected with the cartel violence that took place in Tijuana, Mexico. Gangs have burned and hijacked cars as part of this violence and are creating chaos at one of the busiest ports of entry to the USA. The U.S. ConsulateContinue reading “TIJUANA, MEXICO.”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, the San-Antonio, Texas community and all that are affected with the devastation of the migrant tractor, trailer that was carrying migrants from Mexico. The tractor-trailer / caravan is the largest known carrier of migrants from Mexico to the USA, where 46 migrant bodies wereContinue reading “MIGRANT, TRACTOR TRAILOR, SAN-ANTONIO, TEXAS.”


Within this writing I summarize Chapter 9 of my reading from the book entitled “ELNORTE.” I make historical and present day connections, especially to focus upon the Texas cotton industry, the Texas Annexation and the Mexico-America war.


This writing is a continuation of my previous blog post entitled: The Alaska meeting, to further explore the last few words with regards to the responsibility of the Venezuelan Humanitarian crisis, given the recent announcements for TPS and the DREAMERS. I ponder upon nations who have betrayed Venezuela, for other nations to assist and help, but also to leave helping nations in a precarious position, given that the Maduro regimes does not acknowledge the humanitarian crisis.


Within this writing I connect Texas Independence Day to present day nation / state building and maintaining, and also our beautiful Texas and Mexico state blue bonnets.