Within this writing I am inspired by the efforts of Tilman J. Fertitta who supported student athletes, where I further inspired with Fertitta’s instagram post, hence this blog post that attempts to connect the inspirations from nature as we embrace the many emotions from life events, including many of natures forces.


These words are written to reflect upon Women’s History Month, notable women throughout history, as well as women and men who inspire each and everyday to influence and enable the contributions that women make, to further connect with my own personal desire to honor and feel thankful for my own life. Happy Women’s History Month!


within this writing I reflect upon the new trauma’s that are being produced from the Coronavirus with the additional layers that are caused from natural disasters such as the recent winter storm in Texas and hurricanes in Louisiana and Puerto Rico, often as disaster strikes the recovery and healing takes a longer process and often regional recovery is ignored.


Thank you to all the organizations and community leaders in Houston, Texas that are coming together to provide relief efforts to Houstonians who have especially felt the effects from Winter Storm 2021.


Within this blog post I reflect upon the recent winter storm, power outages and water supplies in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, to connect with the need for power and the natural resource of oil to be utilized safely and effectively for good habitats and communities survival needs.


Within this writing I reflect upon the roots of Valentines day from St. Valentine and this day as a secular celebration of love to further connect with the love attachment as a human form of survival and sacrifices that are integral to the formation of love’s grand beauty.


Within this writing I reflect upon the meaning / symbolism of colors that are utilized to evoke emotion and create meaning through design as well as the color red as the blood that is needed to live, preserve and protect the fragility of life.