Within this writing I reflect upon the meaning / symbolism of colors that are utilized to evoke emotion and create meaning through design as well as the color red as the blood that is needed to live, preserve and protect the fragility of life.


Our thoughts of love, prayer and well wishes for a speedy recovery to President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump as we hear of the positive COVID-19 test and the recent hospitalization of President Trump at the Walter Reed Hospital, Washington DC. It is our hope for your speedy recovery. It is duringContinue reading “GET WELL SOON!”


These thoughts are written to serve as inspiration and motivation as one seeks to integrate purpose and goals within the human desire to survive and thrive.


These thoughts are a reflective moment of the prejudices, stereotyping and biases that one can encounter upon a day to day level. As I think about Mental health and well-being, with connection to the spiritual realms of the psychological / brain care practitioner, with the biblical teaching of The Samaritan Woman.


These thoughts reflect upon the reopening of schools from amidst and emerging from the Coronavirus. I write and question the importance of schooling, the need for learning, and offer a conclusive point, about the vital needs of taking care of the human body and organ of the brain.


This blog post is a continuation of a previous thoughts entitled: The Economic Stakes! As an update I have included an instagram post and also new legislation that will provide relief for restaurant businesses!

The Economic Stakes!

Within these thoughts I reflected upon a recent round-table that was hosted by President Trump. Restaurant Executives and Industry Business leaders were invited for open discussions, to share their thoughts and impacts upon industry in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic, as America begins to take steps to reopen the American Economy. #ShaziaBlog


As nations begin to reemerge from the Coronavirus health pandemic; in terms of re-opening schools, businesses, economy and the many more industries that have been affected with the health pandemic, we can focus upon the families who have lost loved ones. Grievance has taken a toll, as well those who have suffered from illness. ButContinue reading “SOCIETAL SYMPTOMS!”

The Coronavirus Chapter!

Whilst the Coronavirus may not have ended, and Government control to contain the virus is entering the some stages of ease, I decided to put together this page to contain all of my writings related to the Coronavirus. Future posts with regards to this topic will be added here too. Thank you for your continuedContinue reading “The Coronavirus Chapter!”