These thoughts are a reflective moment of the prejudices, stereotyping and biases that one can encounter upon a day to day level. As I think about Mental health and well-being, with connection to the spiritual realms of the psychological / brain care practitioner, with the biblical teaching of The Samaritan Woman.

A Covid Conclusion?

These thoughts desire to make a conclusive effort with regards to research, views and opinions with the Coronavirus as well as revealing the many effects that take place during and transitioning from a health crisis.


Within these thoughts I reflect upon the current Coronavirus virus relief efforts, and the concept of giving. With a specific focus on local Texas leader Mr. Tilman J. Fertitta and family. Connecting with the announcement from Gov. Greg Abbott of the Texas task force which also includes Mr. Fertitta.

Infectious Disease and Security.

These thoughts are a continuation of my previous thoughts related to the Coronavirus pandemic. I focus upon the question of a natural or bioterrorism spread, to further wonder why the USA national Security natives for Bioterrorism are not offering their expertise during a much needed time for the purposes of biodefense. #ShaziaBlog


These thoughts reflect and provide contexts for the recent art / craft piece that I created entitled: Mardi Gras Mystery!