Congratulations to the Houston Sports Awards 2023 for a successful event and presentation of the Houston Sports Awards 2023 presented by Insperity and originally created by the Harris County Sports Authority. This event celebrates the accomplishments of Sporting athletes, coaches, teams, memorable Sports moments and much more. I am happy to support my congratulations toContinue reading “HOUSTON SPORTS AWARDS 2023!”


As I was listening to the song entitled “Forever Forward” by Granger Smith as part of the soundtrack album for the film: “Moonrise.” I reflected upon the title and the main lyrical words of “Forever Forward,” especially as words associated with politics such as: President Biden’s #BuildBackBetter. In previous writing I wrote of #BuildBetterForward, butContinue reading ““FOREVER FORWARD””


I would like to express my heartfelt love and support during the time of the Houston, Pasadena, and surrounding areas of Houston, Texas, Tornado Emergency declaration. I appreciate all who are trying to support the emergency efforts, to ensure the safety and security of Texas during this delicate and fragile time. The American Red CrossContinue reading “TEXAS TORNADOES.”

“H.R.26 – Born – Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.”

As an important addition to my previous thoughts I would like to further develop with the inclusion of “H.R.26 – Born – Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.” Thank you House Senate GOP that passed the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” on the 11th of January 2023, this ensures that doctors take care of babies that areContinue reading ““H.R.26 – Born – Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.””


As I decided that I would like to write upon World Day of Peace 2023, marked annually on January 1st as celebrated by the Catholic Church; I connected my thoughts to my previous blog post entitled: Scribe Value? What is the value? What is the worth? Does it even matter? Well the worth of theContinue reading “WORLD DAY OF PEACE 2023!”


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I would like to take the time to congratulate the country of Argentina for their win of the 2022 World Cup Final win that concluded on the 18th of December 2022 in the host nation of Qatar. As per previous writings I was proud to learn that Qatar is the first-ever Arab nation to holdContinue reading “FIFA WORLD CUP FINAL 2022!”


Congratulations to the Army Black Knights football team for their 2022 overtime victory win with the Navy Midshipmen football team!! I am proud to join you for this traditional Football game, I thank you all for your military sports and services. Although the rivalry between the Army and Navy can become exactly as a RIVALRYContinue reading “ARMY NAVY FOOTBALL 2022!”


Please welcome our latest embroidery creation that I have entitled as Texas Bluebonnet. I was inspired to create this embroidery as I learned that the Texas Bluebonnet is a national state symbol that was officially designated in 1971, when the 62nd Texas state legislature passed house resolution number 44. The formal name of the flowerContinue reading “TEXAS BLUEBONNET.”