I wanted take the time to think and reflect. Whist Global leaders gather virtually for President Biden’s virtual Summit for Democracy 2021, as individuals we all have our views, opinions that are inevitably tied to our beliefs. This is what I thought about as I reflected upon the COVID-19 crisis and the various variants that have emerged. I felt this it is necessary to offer another narrative that also desires to be respectful of those who do not desire inoculation. Especially from a human rights perspective and to form validation. Individuals belong and are an important part of a community. I especially appreciated the following quote and have included below with reference to the research article. Often the democracy that is Government enforced or what leaders discuss is not exactly what is deemed as right or wrong for a society / nation. The view of the microcosm matters. A present view may not necessarily reflect a futurist view. Especially as the pace of social scientific research progresses at times, faster. You Matter!

(2020, p. 9)

Reference: Hunter, Kaitlin, and David Kendall. “Equitable and Efficient Distribution of a COVID-19 Vaccine.” Third Way, 2020.

Helpful Link | The White House | Briefing Room | President Biden to Convene Leaders’ Summit for Democracy

Image Link | Image from the White House Christmas Decorations 2021.

Dedication: I would particularly like to dedicate these words to the Governor, First Family of Florida Ron De Santis and leaders in Florida who are advocating for the protection of human freedoms, beliefs and right to choose.

Twitter Handle | @GovRonDeSantis

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on December 9th 2021 at approx. 9: 00 PM.

With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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