AMERICA’S VALENTINE’S DAY! 💖❤️ Winter Wonder (3) | America’s Valentine’s Day is a continuation of the Winter Wonder art collection that I have previously shared upon my website. I included Valentine’s day as I began sketching and painting this design during the winter storm of 2023. I especially added America’s Valentine’s Day to the nameContinue reading “WINTER WONDER (3) | AMERICA’S VALENTINE’S DAY.”


Upon the week and upcoming Thanksgiving Day 2022 I would like to wish everyone that will celebrate thanksgiving the very best of wishes. I especially would like to convey my love and gratitude to military service men and women, civilians and all who serve and sacrifice for the United States of America, domestic and foreign.Continue reading “THANKSGIVING REFLECTIONS 2022.”

Pakistan Floods | Thank You Houston!

I would like to take the time to say thank you to the city of Houston, Texas., that has pulled together to support and raise awareness for the floods that are taking place in Pakistan. Thank you for including and supporting the Pakistani community during the time of Monsoon rains and floods. Image 1 –Continue reading “Pakistan Floods | Thank You Houston!”


I wanted to take the time to wish everyone that celebrates: a very happy National Agriculture Day 2022. This day of recognition is of particular importance to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and all included within this industry sector. Your hard-work and labor is vital for raw produces. Especially as we take the time toContinue reading “NATIONAL AGRICULTURE DAY 2022!”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to everyone who has been affected with the tragic stampede that rattled the Astroworld musical festival in Houston, Texas on Friday November 5th 2021. The tragic event claimed the lives of eight (8) individuals / civilians who were attending the concert and many who have been injured. ItContinue reading “ASTROWORLD, HOUSTON, TX.”


I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Barry the Owl, a beautiful treasured beauty that was found in Central Park, Manhattan, New York. I loved to see the pictures within my twitter feed, and know that this sentiment is shared by many individuals who are heart-broken with the death of Barry theContinue reading “BARRY THE OWL, NY.”


I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathies to the Chicago Police Department, colleagues, friends, loved ones, family and all who mourn the loss of Police Officer Ella French. French was just 29 years young and was murdered on August 7th 2021, whilst another police officer is in hospital fighting for his life. At thisContinue reading “POLICE OFFICER ELLA FRENCH.”


On July 23rd 2021, the Tokyo Olympics 2020 opening ceremony took place. l would like to wish the teams and individuals who are representing their nations all the best of luck. I wish that the participation and the Olympic experience is of value as much as is winning! Thank you Tokyo! Congratulations for welcoming the World!!! Please enjoy and share my sentiment of Olympic Peace!


This writing is a continuation of my previous blog post entitled: Chapter 10 | Summary to extend my thoughts and the wonderful and precious discovery of early writers and publishers who sought to preserve a past associated with the Spanish Missions.


Within this writing I summarize Chapter 10 from the book reading entitled “ELNORTE.” This chapter offers complex details of land grants and legislations that were utilized for the development of the United States territories. I was especially interested within an early literary era as I title that seeks to preserve the historical Spanish past with the new identities that evolve with the United States of America.