iHeart Fiesta!!!

For the completion of Hispanic Heritage Month 2021, I would like to share singers / song writers / musicians and artists to reveal the accomplishments of the Hispanic / Latina / Spanish women, and also to emphasize, encourage and thank all who support the strength of a woman within the public realms.


Within this writing I connect my research endeavours of Hispanic / Spanish heritage with the MLB World Series Championship Tournament. The beauty of research is when we are able to see it come to life with its practical element, thus to create and contribute to the social good of society. It is with these words I offer my congratulations to the Houston Astros for their American League Division Series (ALDS) 2021 win!!! And my good-thoughts to all the teams within the MLB World Series Championship 2021!!! All the best and thank you for our proud baseball history as well as history in the making!!!


Wishing the United States of America’s U.S. Navy a very happy 246th Birthday!!! Thank you for your continued service and dedication to the nation of America at home and abroad. To our sailors may you always remain afloat, strong, determined, full of health and vitality to defend and protect our nation! HAPPY 246TH BIRTHDAY U.S.Continue reading “HAPPY 246TH BIRTHDAY U.S. NAVY!!!”


Originally hand-written on July 19th 2021 and shared here on October 12th 2021 for the celebration and occasion of the shared history between Spain, the Spanish National Day and the Americas. Happy Dia de La Hispanidad : Fiesta Nacional de EspaƱa. The National Day of Spain commemorates the Spanish Legacy in the world and especiallyContinue reading “ROYAL DECREE!”


Within this writing I reflect upon Columbus and Indigenous Peoples Day 2021.


The Bougainvillea Jewels dedicated as part of Hispanic Heritage Month to the remembrance of the precious lives risen during the Afghanistan Suicide Attack that took place on August 26th 2021. And to the loved ones who cherish your life and memories.


Within this writing I share my art-work entitled: The Bougainvillea Jewels especially to share for Hispanic / Spanish Heritage Month to connect with the native species of the Bougainvillea flowers with Latin and South America.


My thoughts of love, prayer and support to everyone affected with the shooting at Timberview High School Arlington, Texas, USA. The shooting occurred as an individual in his late teens (18) utilized the weapon of a gun to shoot and kill individuals within the school. At this time I send sympathy and support to theContinue reading “TIMBERVIEW HIGH SCHOOL”


Within this writing I offer my support to the First Lady of Florida Casey DeSantis as we learn of her Breast Cancer diagnosis, to include the strength and support of women in the political arena including: Speaker of the United States House of Representatives: Nancy Patricia Pelosi, Britain’s former Prime-Minister Margaret Hilda Thatcher (1925-2013) and the first Cuban America ever elected to congress, Republican Ros-Lehtinen. Thank you for your inspiration that encourages the strength of a woman particularly in political life and to all who encourage the strength of a woman.


My wishes of love and flourishing health to former President Jimmy Carter who is the 39th President of the United States of America and whose birthday was celebrated on October 1st 2021. President Carter and his wife Rosalyn marked the birthday with a quiet celebration. I appreciated the idea of a simple birthday wish toContinue reading “HAPPY 97TH BIRTHDAY FORMER PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER!”