As I was taking the time to reflect upon the Christmas season of 2022, I connected my reflections with current events as well as the actions of leaders. Especially to mention the crisis of the U.S. Southern border and the influxes of migrants that desire a safe haven in the United States of America. WhileContinue reading “CHRISTMAS REFLECTIONS 2022!!”


In honor of Jane Austen’s birthday I would like to share the beautiful famous quote from her classical novel entitled: “Pride and Prejudice” as she writes: “When I fall in love it will be forever.” Anyone who has read the book or watched the film would also fall in-love with the beautiful romantic love storyContinue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE AUSTEN!!”


The above poetry lines were inspired from the original poem by Emily Dickinson entitled: “Wild nights – wild nights!” I reflected upon line 7 and 8 to make inferences to the Christopher Columbus voyages, and to create the poem an response to Dickinson. As I was excited to learn of the “Generations of American schoolContinue reading “12/16/2022.”

Book Reflections | “CUBA: AN AMERICAN HISTORY” Ada Ferrer.

Winter Reading (s) | As I take the time to reflect upon the first reading of Ada Ferrer’s prologue from the book entitled: “Cuba: An American History” (2021), I was inclined to write upon the impressive reviews to delightfully taste the poetic prose of rich history intertwined with Cuba’s American History. I foresee that FerrerContinue reading “Book Reflections | “CUBA: AN AMERICAN HISTORY” Ada Ferrer.”


The truth is the other day as we were taking the time to have a conversation around the table, I reiterated that I don’t think that any form of extremism is a good idea and that in all the spheres of life, a type of balance is necessary. And even if there are individuals andContinue reading “RESPONSE | SOUL OF THE NATION?!”

VJ DAY 2022!

I would like to wish everyone that celebrates the completion and end of World War II a very happy VJ Day 2022. VJ Day is known as the Victory Over Japan Day where Japan officially surrendered in World War II on August 15th 1945. The United States of America officially marks the surrender ceremony onContinue reading “VJ DAY 2022!”


I would like to take the time to join you to remember Princess Diana. August 31st 2022 marks the passing of Princess Diana at the young age of 36. Diana Frances Spencer was a member of the British Royal Family and is the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. I have fond memories ofContinue reading “REMEMBERING PRINCESS DIANA.”


As I completed the reading of the recent report that was released by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Jim Risch (R-ID) entitled:  “Biden’s Border Crisis: Examining Policies that Encourage Illegal Migration” (United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Minority Report, 2022). I decided that it is important to offer some-kind of conclusive view / opinion. However, asContinue reading “U.S. SENATE MINORITY REPORT | DOCUMENT ANALYSIS!”


I would like to thank the Navajo Nation and Navajo men and women that were enlisted in the U.S. Marines to serve for World War II, all the very best for the commemoration of Navajo Code Talkers Day 2022. Navajo Code Talkers Day is on August 14th 2022 and celebrates the secret code language thatContinue reading “NAVAJO CODE TALKERS DAY 2022!”


I would like to wish the country of Ecuador a very happy Independence Day. On August 10th 1809, Ecuador was the first country in South America to claim its Independence from Spain. Independence day is also known as, Día del Primer Grito de Independencia de Quito, Day of Quito’s First Cry of Independence, as QuitoContinue reading “ECUADOR INDEPENDENCE DAY!”