The truth is the other day as we were taking the time to have a conversation around the table, I reiterated that I don’t think that any form of extremism is a good idea and that in all the spheres of life, a type of balance is necessary. And even if there are individuals andContinue reading “RESPONSE | SOUL OF THE NATION?!”


I wanted to take the time to think and reflect, as my mind reflected back to the war / invasion / situation in Russia and Ukraine. As time has lapsed individuals have had to leave their homes, search for safety, the ones that have survived in a kind of interim time of life, and facedContinue reading “RUSSIA AND UKRAINE | HUMAN CONDITION AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.”


I would like to wish everyone who celebrates the American Labor Day Movements a very happy Labor Day 2022. This day that is celebrated on the 5th of September, is also known as the long-weekend that marks the informal end of summer. In the United States of America, Labor Day recognizes the Labor Movements andContinue reading “LABOR DAY 2022!”

VJ DAY 2022!

I would like to wish everyone that celebrates the completion and end of World War II a very happy VJ Day 2022. VJ Day is known as the Victory Over Japan Day where Japan officially surrendered in World War II on August 15th 1945. The United States of America officially marks the surrender ceremony onContinue reading “VJ DAY 2022!”


One of the features for the calendar month of September 2022 is Suicide Prevention Month, to create and raise awareness for the importance of Suicide Prevention. Preventions are possible and can save lives. Important resources often simply begin with 1 person who is willing to listen and validate what one is feeling. This can beContinue reading “SUICIDE PREVENTION MONTH.”


I took the time to reflect upon democracy and democratic spaces. While it is important to preserve democracy, I wondered do we ever discuss or what should be constituted as a democratic space, where democratic discussions take place? For instance – the students who come together in a classroom, the individuals are from various backgrounds,Continue reading “DEMOCRATIC SPACES?”


I took the time to reflect upon my previous thoughts pertaining to the Student Debt Relief Plan / Program announcement. I continue to affirm that the decision will help student populations, as well as for the preparations of post-pandemic / COVID-19 relief measures. The top-down announcement also conveys a message from the President, to protectContinue reading “REFLECTIONS | EDUCATION INITIATIVES AND OPPORTUNITIES!”


On the 1st anniversary of the Kabul terrorist attack that took place on August 26th 2021, I take the time to solemnly remember the 13 American service men and women who were tragically killed from the suicide bombing outside of the Hamid Karzai Airport, in Kabul, Afghanistan. With the fallen U.S.A. Marines and Navy serviceContinue reading “KABUL TERRORIST ATTACK ANNIVERSARY.”

¡Viva Uruguay!

I would like to congratulate Uruguay with a very happy Independence day that is celebrated August 25th. This year the people of Uruguay will celebrate their 197th year of independence from the country of Brazil. I appreciate the shared heritages and mixed cultures of Uruguay from Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, and Spain. Uruguay is a countryContinue reading “¡Viva Uruguay!”


As I took the time to reflect upon the President Joseph R. Biden Jr., student debt relief announcement, I appreciated the President sharing his own personal stories about the value of education. Which is quite relevant, given that the announcement is beneficial for students and the educational sector. While I know that there is disagreementContinue reading “EDUCATION INITIATIVES AND OPPORTUNITIES!”