Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, loved ones and all who have been affected with Hurricane Laura and the approaching Hurricane Sally. These sympathy wishes are also extended to all who are being affected with the wild fires through the West Coast of California, USA, to the borders with Canada.Continue reading “NATURAL DISASTERS.”


Within this writing I provide a summary of my thoughts and views reflected from the DNC and RNC 2020. Please note that they are not a complete analysis of the conventions and only pertain to my own views, but I do hope that they offer a balance between Democratic and Republican views. Thank you to all who spoke at both conventions.


These thoughts reflect upon the recent DNC 2020 speech by Dr. Jill Biden, where Dr. Biden utilized personification, which is a type of metaphor to purport the unity and healing of nations. Within these thoughts I further reflect upon her ideas to create a teaching and learning lesson plan that can be utilized for senior level grades and the Freshman, Sophomore years.


These thoughts reflect upon the DNC 2020 discussion from Dr. Jill Biden, especially with regards to the personification of nation to family, and family relationships. I contend that just as familial relations are complex, so too are that of nation, which also has many dynamics that need to be considered to imagine, restore, rebuild and re-create visions for nation. Thank you Dr. Jill Biden!


These thoughts are a continuation of my previous reflection pertaining to the sadness I felt within the discovery of history, and also the excitement. I take sometime to flesh the sadness to surface, and give importance to this, and also offer hope, so that within the discovery of history, there is still time to learn, conserve, create and re-create a present and a future.


These thoughts are a continuation from the journey of study of American History. Within these thoughts I offer a reflective tone, that encompasses a sadness of history tied to the Spanish Explorations, and development of settlements that is deeply entrenched within America present day, but feels somewhat on the brink of being diminished, especially through the development of present day politics.


It it possible? Within these thoughts I reflect upon the offering of religious greetings as a creation of interfaith unity and peace, and question if these create implications especially at the International / Global level where USA Service men and women often pay the ultimate sacrifice at the hands of those that we are offering greetings to. I further posit that peace and diplomacy is possible, often vested within the hands of leaderships, who may or may not possess the synchronous thought.


This writing is a reflection of the current collection of thoughts that are related to the American history associated with the Spanish Expeditions. I take a moment to come back to the present moment to reveal the significance of history and the significance of history upon present day impacts.


The thoughts contained within this writing were inspired from the recent discovery that I tweeted. For the purposes of contexts I decided to write a couple thought relating to the original tweet about the historical Spanish explorations of the American South. Further to this thought I contend that at present day, we must hold high regard for the founders of states and nation.