To capture the memory of the participation within the advent candle wreath for the 2020 Christmas season I decided to create the following pencil sketch, which I also look forward to adding some water-color soon. Please enjoy and share my memory of the Advent Candle Wreath 2020. Thank you! Please enjoy my completed advent wreathContinue reading “ADVENT CANDLE WREATH.”


These thoughts were written as a moment to reflect upon unification beyond the human constructions, to peel away layers to reveal the eternal spiritual bond that we carry within, that must once again re-emerge for the sake of love, thus our human survival.

Middle Collegiate Church on Second Avenue.

Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to all the community of Manhattan, New York city, who have been affected with the Middle Collegiate Church fire on Second Avenue. The Middle Collegiate Church is a historic site that has been damaged and devastated by this fire. It is deeply saddening to hear of this newsContinue reading “Middle Collegiate Church on Second Avenue.”

ADVENT 2020!

Welcome to our virtual Christmas Advent Calendar 2020, that will also include the traditional Catholic Advent candles that begins with hope of the heart! Thank you!


Within these thoughts I offer a moment of reflection as the advent and Christmas season begins with thankfulness and thanksgiving.