On the morning of April 16th 2021 a tragic mass shooting took place in Indianapolis where 8 individuals whose lives were claimed in a FedEX facility, with many who are injured and hurt. I am deeply sad to hear of this event that are additions to the many strings of recent shootings. At this timeContinue reading “INDIANAPOLIS”


April is known as the month of the military child, within this month we take the time to appreciate the sacrifices that children endure, to support the mission of their parents / caregivers! Thank you for your strength, valor, resilience, courage and the many more character traits that are developed through the life of aContinue reading “MONTH OF THE MILITARY CHILD!”


Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to Her Majesty (HM) the Queen Elizabeth II, for the passing of her beloved husband Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. The Duke of Edinburgh passed away on April 9th 2021 of 99 years. During this time I extend my thoughts of sympathy and love for this loss toContinue reading “THE PRINCE PHILIP, DUKE OF EDINBURGH.”


Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to everyone affected by the active shooter situation involving U.S. Navy sailors that took place in Frederick, Maryland. I am deeply saddened to learn that a Navy medic would open fire at fellow U. S. Navy sailors. My deepest sympathies to the all involved in this tragic incidentContinue reading “U.S. NAVY.”


April 5th is dedicated to all the surviving spouses of fallen service members. On this day we remember and honor the sacrifices that each of you make, as well as the bravery with which you live with each day, to cherish memories and continue to live life. Thank you to all Gold Star Spouses! ImageContinue reading “GOLD STAR SPOUSES DAY 2021.”


Our thoughts of love prayer and condolences to family, friends, loved one and colleagues for the passing of USA Capitol Police officer (USCP) William¬†¬†F. Evans. I was deeply saddened to hear of the attack / shooting that took place at the USA Capitol in Washington DC. This shooting rattled a peaceful Capitol that is justContinue reading “OFFICER WILLIAM F. EVANS”


As we are in the midst of Easter week, I became reflective upon the approaching days to Good Friday and the three days in-between up until Jesus’ spirit is found by Mother Mary. We all have differences of belief and how we decide to believe, but for me these days are a coming to deepContinue reading “EASTER REFLECTION.”


On March 29th 2021 it is Vietnam War Veterans Day on this memorial day, we thank all those lives who have served and sacrificed for nation during the Vietnam war. Image Link | This is an image of the Vietnam Veterans memorial wall that includes all the names of Vietnam veterans, service men and women.Continue reading “VIETNAM WAR VETERANS DAY.”


March 25th is the national day that recognizes the Medal of Honor recipients. These are awarded for extreme heroism and bravery for those members of the military who went took risk and went above the call of duty, and can be awarded to any military rank member. To all recipients past and present, thank youContinue reading “MEDAL OF HONOR DAY!”