Upon the week and upcoming Thanksgiving Day 2022 I would like to wish everyone that will celebrate thanksgiving the very best of wishes. I especially would like to convey my love and gratitude to military service men and women, civilians and all who serve and sacrifice for the United States of America, domestic and foreign.Continue reading “THANKSGIVING REFLECTIONS 2022.”


As the preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas take place – I am reminded of the 2022 seasonal days, when I decided to read Louisa May Alcott’s classical novel entitled: “Little Women.” I mention this as normally I would watch the film yearly. Upon reading the novel as well as a few other well-loved classics. IContinue reading “ONE KISS.”

Happy 79th Birthday President Joseph R. Biden JR.

On November 20th 2021 President Joseph R. Biden JR.. celebrated his 79th Birthday, whilst I did share my birthday wishes via, instagram I always try to document Presidential / First Lady birthdays via my website as much as possible. I have always loved this picture of the 46th President with his wife First Lady JillContinue reading “Happy 79th Birthday President Joseph R. Biden JR.”


Within these thoughts I offer a moment of reflection as the advent and Christmas season begins with thankfulness and thanksgiving.


As an invitation of hope, faith, peace, joy and birth, I share my first ever advent candles to mark the beginning of the advent season with American Thanksgiving. Please join us in celebration of this beautiful gift of life!