As I was taking the time to reflect and digest upon the various opinions and views associated with President Joseph R. Biden Jr’s decision to lift Title 42. I decided that I would take the time to formulate an opinion / view to share. Before we could either decide to agree, disagree, or remain neutral.Continue reading “TITLE 42.”

The Solemn Vespers | 03.27.2022.

This writing / quote is shared as part of my Lenten / Easter Reflections, that was written on March 27th 2022. Thank you for your service. Related Blog Post | The Solemn Vespers! With Love & Kindness! πŸ™‚


This writing reflects upon the passage of the S.623 – Sunshine Protection Act of 2021 from Senator M. Rubio ((R-FL), to make Daylight Savings Time (DST) permanent.

Ash Wednesday 2022.

Wednesday March 2nd, 2022 marks the beginning of the Lenten season and is called Ash Wednesday. Many partake in the ritual of sprinkling Ashes upon the forehand or head, from the previous years palms. This is the period that usually lasts for about six (6) weeks, and leads up to the most Holy Days ofContinue reading “Ash Wednesday 2022.”


Within this writing I reflect upon the scene entitled as” Castles in the Air” from the book” “Little Women” By Louisa May Alcott.


On 14th of February it is the day celebrated and known as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day was formerly established to commemorate and honor St. Valentine. Through the years many traditions have been formulated for this day, as the former; of love, devotion and to keep those who we love close to our hearts. On thisContinue reading “REFLECTION | VALENTINE’S DAY!”

REFLECTION | Afghanistan: A tug of war?

Within this writing I reflect upon the US Afghanistan withdrawal as a response to watching the film entitled: “3 Songs For Benazir.” In particular concern to Opium Addictions, mental health and the impact upon individuals and families.


Within this writing I reflect upon the topic of Pro-Life that stems from the opposition of abortion and to view the human fetus as life.