Within this writing I would like to wish all the best for the MADE IN AMERICA TV series as featured on ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir. I take note of why such efforts are important particularly as the effects of out-sourcing to home nations.


Within this writing I provide a summary of points of interests within this chapter 11 of the book entitled “EL NORTE.” II was particularly interested in the events that led to the Cuban-Spanish war, and that even as war took place the United States was not able to acquire Cuba. The U.S. continued to gain territory with wars. President Roosevelt became philosophical about the act of war. The claiming of territory was known as American Imperialism.


Within this writing I summarize Chapter 10 from the book reading entitled “ELNORTE.” This chapter offers complex details of land grants and legislations that were utilized for the development of the United States territories. I was especially interested within an early literary era as I title that seeks to preserve the historical Spanish past with the new identities that evolve with the United States of America.


I have written about the ecosystem of life as a way to think about our daily living in previous writings, but wanted to revisit this as I thought of routine, and what we could term as mundane tasks. It is east to feel tired of much of the same each and every day. But thisContinue reading “A MOMENT OF ZEN!”


Within this writing I reflect upon President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s visit to the G7 summit and the visit with the UK Royals which could have easily been viewed as a USA Royal Visit to the UK, with a Special Thank You!


Within this writing I reflect upon a first public meeting of leaders at the G7 summit, to connect with inspiration from Dr. Jill Biden and HM Queen Elizabeth II, birthday wishes and the historical connection of Queen of England, Catherine of Aragon, Spain.


A Life Kiss is a simple abstract pencil sketch on paper with watercolor and metallics, which was originally inspired from a quote that I wrote and shared about the idea of life within. We can think about this quote through the concept of actual life that forms within us and also the creative seeds withinContinue reading “A LIFE KISS!”


Within this writing I once again reflect upon my current reading to connect with quotes to offer a further understanding of the social constructivist view that shifts Global views and attention for foreign aid and service. To further ponder upon the crisis’ that are left ignored and the histories that are silenced.


Within this blog post I connect the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr to the historical relations between Muslim and Catholic Spain with the Alhambra that is located in Granada, Spain.