Whilst the human need to crave and carve relations is a natural human desire, we also realize that human relations are complex, a human science and are possible. This blog post is a continuation of my previous blog post entitled: Harmonious Nature. Within this post I decided to connect my thoughts that were quite harmoniousContinue reading “HARMONIOUS NATURE II!”


Within this writing I am inspired by the efforts of Tilman J. Fertitta who supported student athletes, where I further inspired with Fertitta’s instagram post, hence this blog post that attempts to connect the inspirations from nature as we embrace the many emotions from life events, including many of natures forces.


These words are written to reflect upon Women’s History Month, notable women throughout history, as well as women and men who inspire each and everyday to influence and enable the contributions that women make, to further connect with my own personal desire to honor and feel thankful for my own life. Happy Women’s History Month!


Mardi Gras is the day that is usually celebrated before Ash Wednesday. On this day there are celebrations of carinvals with beautiful colors, floats, masquerade masks, beads and feasts. Although Coronavirus has caused celebrations to halt or to be celebrated a bit differently, the spirit of such lives on to those who continue to desireContinue reading “MARDI GRAS 2021.”


The following images are of my latest pencil sketch on paper that I created to share for Valentine’s Day and also President’s Day weekend. I also look forward to sharing the water-color version once completed. Please enjoy ROSE WINE! ROSE WINE | With Love & Kindness! 🙂