As I learned of the Zero Covid protests in China with the public unrests and desires to ease restrictions, I reflected upon these actions juxtaposed with the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 stemming from China. I wondered if the former and the latter are associated with biblical ideas conveyed within the Colossians 2: 20-22. TheContinue reading “CHINA PROTESTS.”

Book Reflections | “CUBA: AN AMERICAN HISTORY” Ada Ferrer.

Winter Reading (s) | As I take the time to reflect upon the first reading of Ada Ferrer’s prologue from the book entitled: “Cuba: An American History” (2021), I was inclined to write upon the impressive reviews to delightfully taste the poetic prose of rich history intertwined with Cuba’s American History. I foresee that FerrerContinue reading “Book Reflections | “CUBA: AN AMERICAN HISTORY” Ada Ferrer.”


¡Me gustaría desear a todos los que celebran el Día de Acción de Gracias estadounidense un muy feliz día de Acción de Gracias 2022! En particular, expreso mi más profunda gratitud a todos los que sirven, se sacrifican y comparten logros para lograr la gloria dada por Dios para los Estados Unidos de América. EnContinue reading “FELIZ DÍA DE ACCIÓN DE GRACIAS 2022!!”


I would like to wish everyone that celebrates American Thanksgiving a very happy thanksgiving day 2022!! In particular I express my deepest gratitude to all who serve, sacrifice as well as share accomplishments to achieve God-Given glory for The United States of America!! In victory or defeat, at home or abroad our hearts we areContinue reading “HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2022!”


As the preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas take place – I am reminded of the 2022 seasonal days, when I decided to read Louisa May Alcott’s classical novel entitled: “Little Women.” I mention this as normally I would watch the film yearly. Upon reading the novel as well as a few other well-loved classics. IContinue reading “ONE KISS.”


I reflected upon the Solemn service that celebrates Our Lord Jesus Christ as King of the Universe. Upon this mass-service day Catholic Christians are called into a complete surrender with God. Although God requests our surrender God doesn’t demand this, but to offer the Grace of God. The following inspirational quotes were inspired as IContinue reading “THE SOLEMNITY OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, KING OF THE UNIVERSE!”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives and all who were involved with the boat crash in Boca Chita Island, Miami, Florida, USA. Students from the Our Lady of Lourdes School and Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart were involved in the incident. It was announced on September 5th 2022 that 1Continue reading “BOCA CHITA ISLAND, MIAMI, FLORIDA.”


Entrenched in the World of Islamic Pirates, Catholicism, Spanish explorers and conquistadors, I was reflecting upon the sugar, ginger, jewels, gold, silver mines, that were found in Hispaniola, Cuba and New Spain (Gibson, 2014, p. 70). I wondered has everything been discovered? What if there was still so much to find and discover in theContinue reading “CURIOUS NATURE.”

Deputy Constable Omar Ursin.

My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, the Houston Police Department (HPD), Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner’s office, the city of Houston and all who mourn the loss of Deputy Constable Omar Ursin. Deputy Ursin was tragically shot while he was off-duty to simply pick-up supper for his family. He wasContinue reading “Deputy Constable Omar Ursin.”


I took the time to reflect upon democracy and democratic spaces. While it is important to preserve democracy, I wondered do we ever discuss or what should be constituted as a democratic space, where democratic discussions take place? For instance – the students who come together in a classroom, the individuals are from various backgrounds,Continue reading “DEMOCRATIC SPACES?”