I would like to join the nation of Cuba on the day of Independence and all who commemorate José Julián Martí Pérez, who was known as José Marti. On this day of May 19th 2022 that celebrates the national hero. Amongst much more Marti was a Cuban nationalist, leader, poet, professor and actively took partContinue reading “VIVA CUBA!!”


I wanted to take the time to join our National Leadership to congratulate the nation of Paraguay, a country in Latin / South America for the celebration of its Independence on March 14th 2022, for 211 years of Independence. I appreciate the history of Paraguay as associated with the Spanish Colonial Empire and the RiverContinue reading “PARAGUAY!”


On May 17th, 2022 President Joseph R. Biden Jr., and the Biden Administration announced that they will ease sanction restrictions upon the Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro, or what is often referred to as the Maduro Regime. As this announcement unfolds there is reaction from Senate elected officials, the political community, and anyone who desires toContinue reading “A POINT OF BALANCE?”


My thoughts of love prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, loved ones and all who are affected with the mass shooting that took place in a Buffalo Super Market in New York on May 14th 2022. The mass shooting claimed the lives of 10 individuals with a total of 13 that were shot inContinue reading “BUFFALO, NEW YORK.”


The other day I shared a response via Facebook to Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) interview with Maria Bartiromo for Fox News. After taking the time to reflect upon my own thoughts, I decided that as per previous writings that the thoughts that I had shared are deeply personal, when I stated “I believe”Continue reading “THE ANATOMY OF “US.””


On May 8th 2022 it is Mother’s Day, for the celebration of Mother’s. I would like to share my thoughts of love to all Mother’s and individuals who have taken upon the role of Mothers in biological and non-biological forms. Thank you for your love, guidance and support. And in a special way to ourContinue reading “MOTHER’S DAY 2022.”


As I took the time to reflect upon my previous blog post, I noted that the author Carrie Gibson (2019) had included Ileana Ros-Lehtinen as the first U.S. Cuban-American elected U.S. Congress-woman within her book (2019). In addition as I have been taking the time to learn about the Cuba-America political community, I would likeContinue reading “AMERICA’S AMERICAN-CUBAN POLITICAL COMMUNITY.”


The U.S. Congress designated May as Military Appreciation Month in the year of 1999. Military appreciation is especially for those who have served and sacrificed for nation past and present, to recognize those who are currently serving and also were previously within the military. Within this month there is also recognition for Military Spouses Day,Continue reading “MILITARY APPRECIATION MONTH 2022.”


For Mental Health Awareness Month 2022 I would like to share the above quote that I had originally titled as a blog post, the title that is reflective of Left and Right Wing politics, is associated with the Cerebral hemispheres of the human brain organ. I am proud of both hemispheres of our beautiful wondrousContinue reading “MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH 2022.”