On the morning of April 16th 2021 a tragic mass shooting took place in Indianapolis where 8 individuals whose lives were claimed in a FedEX facility, with many who are injured and hurt. I am deeply sad to hear of this event that are additions to the many strings of recent shootings. At this timeContinue reading “INDIANAPOLIS”


Whilst the human need to crave and carve relations is a natural human desire, we also realize that human relations are complex, a human science and are possible. This blog post is a continuation of my previous blog post entitled: Harmonious Nature. Within this post I decided to connect my thoughts that were quite harmoniousContinue reading “HARMONIOUS NATURE II!”


Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, loved ones and a community who has been affected with the death of Daunte Wright, once again we are devastated to hear of a fatal police killing. At this time I send my condolences to Wright’s family, loved ones and child. Further Reading: TheContinue reading “DAUNTE WRIGHT”


Thomas Jefferson, founding father, integral to the the creation of the Declaration of Independence, 3rd President of the United States of America was born on April 13th, 1743. For this day I took the time to reflect upon the quote that I have shared and memories of truly memorable experience / visit to the ThomasContinue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS JEFFERSON!”


April is known as the month of the military child, within this month we take the time to appreciate the sacrifices that children endure, to support the mission of their parents / caregivers! Thank you for your strength, valor, resilience, courage and the many more character traits that are developed through the life of aContinue reading “MONTH OF THE MILITARY CHILD!”


Within this writing I am inspired by the efforts of Tilman J. Fertitta who supported student athletes, where I further inspired with Fertitta’s instagram post, hence this blog post that attempts to connect the inspirations from nature as we embrace the many emotions from life events, including many of natures forces.


Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to Her Majesty (HM) the Queen Elizabeth II, for the passing of her beloved husband Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. The Duke of Edinburgh passed away on April 9th 2021 of 99 years. During this time I extend my thoughts of sympathy and love for this loss toContinue reading “THE PRINCE PHILIP, DUKE OF EDINBURGH.”