…… As I cordially invite you into the branches of the soul that intertwine as the Cerebral veins, that give life to what is presumed as our thinking and feeling, the garden of elegance, the beautiful mind, brain, the sensory perceptions, that give and receive with our loving heart.….. Shazia. A reflection from the novelContinue reading “THE ELEGANCE OF PEMBERLEY.”


On June 27th 2022 it is the national recognition of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a complex mental / brain health injury and illness that is a mental health condition, triggered especially with the memory of traumatic events. The wounds from this condition often begin as invisible, hence the severity of PTSD can alsoContinue reading “PTSD AWARENESS DAY.”


Men’s Mental health is recognized in the month of June 2022. For this month I am proud to join the efforts to support Men’s Mental Health Month. As within the contexts of masculinity often times it becomes difficult to actually admit that males too can suffer from mental health illness. As connected to women’s mentalContinue reading “MEN’S MENTAL HEALTH MONTH 2022.”


I took the time to reflect upon modern day human brutality that is beyond physical violences such as regimes that often silence human beings. We hear of the contemporary examples within Latin American countries such as: Columbia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, as well as historical examples, such as the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. When 33 yearsContinue reading “REFLECTIONS ON REGIMES.”


It is always a beautiful feeling of the first fresh snow, as it covers with soft, fluffy, gentle layers, to create pictures, views and scenes. I appreciated seeing the images of the first snow of winter 2022 from Washington DC., USA. They are lovely and beautiful. And of course with the weather emergencies and alerts,Continue reading “WINTER WONDER!”


Within this blog post I write a summary of Chapter 16 entitled: “Tucson, Arizona, ca. 1994-2018” from the Book: “EL NORTE.” I combine Gibsons views with my own research endeavours. Topics of discussion include: the School Systems, USMCA (NAFTA), Immigration, Immigration Legislation and Border Spaces.


I have written about the ecosystem of life as a way to think about our daily living in previous writings, but wanted to revisit this as I thought of routine, and what we could term as mundane tasks. It is east to feel tired of much of the same each and every day. But thisContinue reading “A MOMENT OF ZEN!”


For National Parks week I would like to share the following images of some plants / bulbs that I keep indoors which are the Bougainvillea and the Amaryllis flowers. I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of Bougainvillea flowers that have blossomed this year, in actual fact the most flowers that we’ve had in 7Continue reading “NATIONAL PARKS WEEK.”


within this writing I reflect upon the new trauma’s that are being produced from the Coronavirus with the additional layers that are caused from natural disasters such as the recent winter storm in Texas and hurricanes in Louisiana and Puerto Rico, often as disaster strikes the recovery and healing takes a longer process and often regional recovery is ignored.