On the day of October 12th 2020 the celebration of Columbus Day and Indigenous Day is taking place in the United States of America and the Thanksgiving Holiday in Canada. For all of these celebrations, I would like to wish all who celebrate a day filled with happiness, peace, and continue to hope for peaceContinue reading “OCTOBER 12TH 2020”


Wishing everyone who celebrates Independence Day, a very happy, safe and joyous July 4th 2020. The above images are a collection of our July 4th. I understand that many individuals including American’s might decide not to participate in celebrations such as Independence Day, because groups / members of society feel racial divides, tensions. and landContinue reading “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!”


The Catholic faith has designated May as the month of Mary, whilst we can appreciate this from a religious / spiritual perspective, we can also embrace the same with beautiful initiatives such as May as the month for mothers – Mothering May! A mothers role does not expire in a day, or even a month,Continue reading “MOTHERING MAY!”