Thomas Jefferson, founding father, integral to the the creation of the Declaration of Independence, 3rd President of the United States of America was born on April 13th, 1743. For this day I took the time to reflect upon the quote that I have shared and memories of truly memorable experience / visit to the ThomasContinue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS JEFFERSON!”

EASTER 2021!

Within this writing I take the time to reflect upon Easter to draw a parallel to the Christmas season as well as to connect with what a person meaning of Easter is upon the level of the individual.


On Sunday 28th 2021 is it the Christian commemoration of Palm Sunday. This is the day that Jesus Christ – The Messiah entered Jerusalem and was welcomed with Palms, branches and many other types such as the olive branches, these were scattered in-front of Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem. Wishing everyone who celebrates andContinue reading “PALM SUNDAY.”


This year on the first day of Spring – March 20th 2021 was also the beginning of the Persian New year as celebrated in Iraq and Iran, and also as named as Nowruz in Afghanistan. Wishing all who celebrate a very happy new year, or as pronounced in the Persian language: mobarakeh ro bay roContinue reading “PERSIAN NEW YEAR 2021!”


I would like to share these 2 Shamrock’s and 4 leaf clover that I created as an arts and crafts for ST. Patricks day and dedicate them to the Buffalo Naval and Military Park, which I had the pleasure to visit on July 4th 2017. Upon leaving and arrival I did not research the areaContinue reading “BUFFALO NAVAL AND MILITARY PARK!”


On March 17th 2021, ST. Patrick’s day is celebrated with religious services, traditions, customs and festivals in remembrance of the Catholic Saint – St. Patrick. It is also a day known to celebrate the Irish Heritage where nations who have ties to the land of Ireland strengthen relations between nations. To all who celebrate ST.Continue reading “ST. PATRICK’S DAY 2021!”