As the celebrations for Christmas begin and the year of 2020 comes to a completion, I take the time to reflect upon the year, particularly as connected to COVID-19 and wonder: were we really ready for a health pandemic, or did we even know the severity as such? If you are like me and took the time to read, research and find answers for the curious mind, then you probably do know that there is much more to a health pandemic, that is surfaced through the lens of the public mass media. Most of the time revealed publicly after the fact. But the problem, but not “problem” per se with research is that as researchers we are called to keep our personal bias / opinions to the side – any assumptions that are made must be evidence based. But not to say that what one thinks cannot stand firm and ground because it can. But the matter is of COVID-19.

As the reality sets in we begin to see the effects. Death, health, illness, physical, psycho-social, psychological to those directly and indirectly impacted, as well as the many economic tolls. Large or small businesses / corporations, the individuals, film industry and many others who have lost their jobs from Coronavirus. But having a job / employment sometimes means more, to loose a part of what one sought to be. Or even those who sought to seek and aspire towards ones goals, ambitions or drives – were sought to call a halt.

As the year is completed with the grim Coronavirus restrictions, maybe one day this time will be recorded within the history books to share and re-tell the stories. But for now it is continued as a hope that once and for all we’ll see an end to this horrid pandemic that will dwindle with its residual effects.

And of course there is so much to feel grateful and thankful for!

  • Blog Title – Numeralis is the latin for Numeral.
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  • Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on December 21 and 29th 2020.
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My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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