On March 2nd it is Texas Independence Day, this is the day when Texas historically declared its independence from Mexico to create the Republic of Texas. Whilst this is a celebration of independence, at present we can see how nations have tried to uphold, re-create and maintain relations with nations. To exemplify this we can see how Governor Abbott decided to lift the mask mandate and reopen Texas to 100% in a Mexican restaurant named Montelongo’s in Lubbock, Texas. Whilst there has been opinion and views with regards to this announcement, I was inspired to write these words especially on the day of Texas’ Independence. It might also be noted that nations / states can claim independences but sometimes nature can also describe otherwise. This is especially true when we think about the Lupinus Texensis otherwise known as the Texas Blue Bonnet. These flower species are present in Texas as well as Mexican states. Upon a broader view we can also connect with National Leaders who establish trade agreements such as the United States – Mexico – Canada agreement (USMCA) to build trading partnerships for goods and services as well as to maintain relations with nations.

Happy Texas Independence Day to everyone who celebrates!

Further Reading – Governor Abbott ended mask mandate, business to resume 100% soon, he announced in Lubbock Tuesday afternoon

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