As I began to think and reflect my mind wondered back to the book study of Carrie Gibson’s “EL NORTE The Epic and Forgotten History of Hispanic North America” (Gibson, 2019). I specifically decided to engage in this reading as an addition to journal and scholarly articles, to discover more about the repeating cycles ofContinue reading “REFLECTION | AMERICA AND THE AMERICAS??”


Within this writing I reflect upon a first public meeting of leaders at the G7 summit, to connect with inspiration from Dr. Jill Biden and HM Queen Elizabeth II, birthday wishes and the historical connection of Queen of England, Catherine of Aragon, Spain.

A Covid Conclusion?

These thoughts desire to make a conclusive effort with regards to research, views and opinions with the Coronavirus as well as revealing the many effects that take place during and transitioning from a health crisis.

Infectious Disease and Security.

These thoughts are a continuation of my previous thoughts related to the Coronavirus pandemic. I focus upon the question of a natural or bioterrorism spread, to further wonder why the USA national Security natives for Bioterrorism are not offering their expertise during a much needed time for the purposes of biodefense. #ShaziaBlog


These thoughts reflect and provide contexts for the recent art / craft piece that I created entitled: Mardi Gras Mystery!


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