The following piece of art work is entitled MARDI GRAS MYSTERY! Whilst I have just shared this piece within the blog post entitled: Quarantine Creations. I felt like it deserved a special note to exemplify the contexts of the creation, because as soon after Mardi Gras 2020 took place, we were in a sense attacked with the Coronavirus. The creation is made with deep thought, emotion, and especially feeing a sense of woundedness to the consequence of hearing about illness, infection, death and suffering. As soon as I had completed this piece, I felt a deep sense of peace, happiness and satisfaction, to capture moments of happiness. Just as we do when we take photographs, except that a picture can capture a moment within seconds, with arts and crafts it takes a little while longer. The crafts allow for the fulfilment of the human sense of touch. As we are touching, we are sensing, our sensory perceptions of touch are being fulfilled.

“Through the arts, we transform not only our joys, but also our tears and anguish, paralysis and fears, and the unexplained and mysterious into images of strength, clarity and control. (Steinhardt, 1994)

CAREY, 2006.

Reference: Reference: Carey, L. (Eds.). (2006). Expressive and Creative Arts Methods for Trauma Survivors. Philadelphia, PA: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Image 1 – Credit

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🎭💃🦅

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