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I was taking the time to reflect upon my previous writings, which is necessary. Especially when learning unfamiliar information and concepts takes up much of the thinking spaces. With the journal articles that I read, I began to wonder more about the destructive forces of human nature, and even the ends that humans will go to prove that one is right or the other is wrong. Or to push one down so another can rise. But does it have to be this way?


All in all the territory of biology being used as a weapon is hurtful and upsetting. Feeling the pain, even with actual heart ache. I understood further that truth, delving forth towards the realms of truth requires courage. Today I believe that there is a blame game being put on as a show by leaderships. Especially towards certain organizations and practices. But this is really a time where leaderships should be working together for, International co-operation, health and security purposes (Phelan& Gostin, 2014).

I also understood that pathogens can be experimented upon. There are loopholes within the legal frameworks of the Biological Weapons Convention. Experimental pathogens could be a cause for harm indirectly or directly. The allowances within wording of the legal frameworks are pivotal decisions, that need to be understood further, if they are to be considered as breeches or not. Which also call for strong legal support, for research and development purposes, as well as global health security.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on April 15th 2020.

Reference: Phelan, A., & Gostin, L. (2014). Farewell to the God of Plague: Has International Law Prepared Us for the Next Pandemic? Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, 15(2), 134-143. Retrieved April 14, 2020, from

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🌹

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