Infectious Disease and Security.

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As I have been taking some time to read, become informed and knowledgeable about infectious diseases, the questions that continue to arise is if, infection is a natural spread or if it is linked to bioterrorism? But even if an infection is a natural spread, it has to begin and start somewhere. These are the kinds of questions that keep cropping up, but it is also where I wish, that I could be back in the classroom, virtual or in-person, put up my hand and ask the question to someone who is more knowledgeable, able to guide, and to give some sort of answer. There are many possibilities to explore: was this an attack by a sub-state group as a political strategy? But then the spread of the Coronavirus is not just limited to the borders of nation-state. At the level of the USA administration, it has been previously noted that the USA Biological Weapons policy is peaceful (Enemark, 2005). To add to this: the USA has historically and to this day: assimilated infectious disease as an attack on the homeland. Maybe this is true, and was also true with the Anthrax outbreaks after the 9/11 attacks. But the difference with the Coronavirus, is that the spread has taken a toll worldwide.

the questions that continue to arise is if infection is a natural spread, or if it is linked to bioterrorism? #ShaziBlog #Quote #COVID19 #Coronavirus

the USA has historically and to this day: assimilated infectious disease as an attack on the homeland. #ShaziBlog #Quote #COVID19 #Coronavirus BioTerrorism #BioDefence

“The relationship between disease and warfare is as old as war…”

(Cecchine & Moore, 2006, p. 15)

Countries such as the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom are prestigious for the growth of the economy, trading relations and partnerships. Now nations have publicly declared that indeed a virus exists. It has taken a deep toll upon human life and suffering. Nations such as these and all who have been affected, have risked their economy, economic growth, to put the health security of nations first. Health security should be deemed top priority, as a mechanism to contain / control the virus. There are the day to day systemic barriers that individuals who are enveloped in the health-care system will face, with the additional economic losses. That add to the strain and hardships, of taking care of one’s health and well-being.

Countries such as the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom are prestigious for the growth of the economy, trading relations and partnerships. #ShaziBlog #Quote #COVID19 #Coronavirus BioTerrorism #BioDefense

“‘health and human security are fundamentally valued in all societies, but their connections and interdependencies are not well understood.'” 

(Cecchine & Moore, 2006, p. 16)

But then I think about all of the organizations that been developed for the declaration of bio-terrorism attack. Monitoring air-quality at national and international levels to determine the possibility of attack, why in the case of the Coronavirus has no one from these organization stepped up, and where are they? The thought / idea of conspiracy theory should not be ridiculed, simply because it is in actual fact just another term / concept to describe bioterrorism, an act that has been done on purpose. The issue with the term really arises to understand the deliberation of the virus or not. Furthermore; we can utilize other examples, such as the SARS outbreak in 2003 where China specifically suffered.

China’s economy, also known as The Rise of China suffered, with additional losses from the present Coronavirus that peaked in January and February. Today we can question how infectious disease and the spread is utilized to level the playing field for nations, in terms of economic growth? Because now China alone cannot bear the cost of loss of reputation caused by the stigma associated with virus, disease, mass casualty, as well as economic losses. Any nation that desires to put the health and well-being of its population first, will understand that the health security of one individual is a beginning for health care for all. But of course the question from the origin of my thought continues to linger…………………..

“Competition among countries will increase in the coming year as major powers and regional aggressors exploit complex global trends while adjusting to new priorities in U.S. foreign policy. The risk of interstate conflict, including among the great powers, is higher than at any time since the end of the Cold War. The most immediate threats of regional interstate conflict in the next year come from North Korea and from Saudi-Iranian use of proxies in their rivalry. At the same time, the threat of state and non-state use of weapons of mass destruction will continue to grow.”

*Statement for the Record: Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community, Daniel Coats, Director of National Intelligence, February 13, 2018

USA – National Security Initiatives – Infectious Diseases

  • Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act – Public Law
  • Homeland Security and Presidential Directives
  • Office of Science and Technology
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC) – Laboratory Response Network (LRN)
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – National Bio-surveillance and Integration System (NBIS)
  • Project Bioshield (2005)
  • National Biodefence Analysis and Centre
  • Department of Defence – Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – Centres For Excellence
  • Biodefence –


Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on April 19th 2020.

My thoughts to share with love & Kindness! 🌹

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