It is with solemn respect and heartfelt love and kindness that I would like to share my completed color version of the sketch entitled: Forever In Our Hearts! For organizational purposes of the sketch color version is named as, Forever In Our Hearts II! After I created the pencil replica for the color version, IContinue reading “FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS II!”


Please join me as I welcome the color version of our pencil sketch Florida State, that I have entitled as Florida State II for organizing the versions of the sketch, that was completed on August 29th 2022. I have appreciated creating this sketch, with the inclusion of the colors of the USA flag, connecting StateContinue reading “FLORIDA STATE II!”


I took the time to reflect upon my previous thoughts pertaining to the Student Debt Relief Plan / Program announcement. I continue to affirm that the decision will help student populations, as well as for the preparations of post-pandemic / COVID-19 relief measures. The top-down announcement also conveys a message from the President, to protectContinue reading “REFLECTIONS | EDUCATION INITIATIVES AND OPPORTUNITIES!”


Please join me to welcome our new pencil sketch that is entitled as Florida State! Florida State is a continues from the themes from THE GREAT SEAL OF FLORIDA. I began this sketch on August 3rd and completed on the 12th of August 2022. I look forward to creating the color version, but for nowContinue reading “FLORIDA STATE!”


I would like to wish everyone that takes part and celebrates Inter-American Indigenous Week all the very best as you celebrate and commemorate the indigenous peoples within the 35 countries that are included in the Organization of the American States. This year’s theme is the importance of women, their contributions to family and communities. IContinue reading “INTER-AMERICAN WEEK FOR INDIGENOUS PEOPLE!”


I would like to take the time to reflect upon the life of Dame Olivia Newton John who passed away on the 8th of August 2022. Also known as Olivia Newton John and for the famed character of “Sandy” from the American Musical film entitled as, “Grease.” The film was very famous, and many adaptationsContinue reading “DAME OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN.”


I have often tried to describe the union of the soul, spirit, the binding of human love, as the physical and spiritual form to that of a Godly form, that elevates the human form, beyond the reach of the Earthly forms – as a holy and spiritual communion. Body, flesh, mind and spirit. This isContinue reading “ONE COMMUNION!”

A Life Kiss!!

I would like to take the time to share my recent art-work that I completed on April 13th 2022 that was inspired from my sketch entitled: A Life Kiss! The painted art is a growth of the sketch, that desires to reveal the World / Universe that is within us, that is perceived through theContinue reading “A Life Kiss!!”