On May 23rd 2022 I completed our Bougainvillea flower inspired embroidery. The flowers on our plant bloomed beautifully during the early months of Spring this year. This is the second time the flowers bloomed for us within a span of 8 years since I have been taking care of the Bougainvillea as a house plant.Continue reading “AMERICA’S BOUGAINVILLEA.”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives and all who are impacted by the tragedy of Hotel Saratoga in Havana, Cuba. A devastating explosion took place at the site that has claimed the lives of 22 individuals, and destroyed a beautiful historical architectural building. Guests to the hotel include Madonna andContinue reading “HOTEL SARATOGA, HAVANA, CUBA.”


On March 16th 2022 Father’s Day is celebrated in Spain. I join all who celebrate Father’s Day on this Day in Spain a very Happy Father’s Day 2022! To also especially share these greetings to you, to share with the Spanish, Hispanic, Latino/a/x community (s) within America who may also be celebrating Father’s Day asContinue reading ”  FELIZ DIA DEL PADRE!”


On January 6th 2022 it is the celebration of the Three Kings Day, that is also known as the Epiphany Day and Feliz Dia De Reyes within the Spanish Culture. As per previous writing this day is most often celebrated / commemorated the day after New year’s Day which is January the 2nd, and asContinue reading “THREE KINGS DAY!!!”


This writing provides an overall summary for the book entitled: “The Epic and Forgotten Story of Hispanic North America” by Carrie Gibson, 2019. I appreciate the depths of this research endeavour. Thank you. The centuries of Spanish Explorations within America speak to the present topical issues that require observation and policy formation. I desire to term Spanish American History as Americas Heritage, thus the title; I AM YOUR HERITAGE!!!


Within this blog post I write a summary of Chapter 16 entitled: “Tucson, Arizona, ca. 1994-2018” from the Book: “EL NORTE.” I combine Gibsons views with my own research endeavours. Topics of discussion include: the School Systems, USMCA (NAFTA), Immigration, Immigration Legislation and Border Spaces.


Within this writing I reflect upon Chapter 15 entitled: Florida, CA. 1960 – 80 from the book entitled” “EL NORTE.” I was especially drawn to the the continuing themes of historical architecture, the Cuban Regime, immigration, education and the formulation of the term Hispanic.


Within this writing I offer a conversation piece for the United Nations Climate Change Summit 2021 that is taking place in Glasgow in partnership with Italy, with regards to oil producing nations, the stigmatization associated with oil-producing nations and the human-costs associated with populations that are written off.


Within this writing I reflect upon Chapter 14 from the book entitled: “EL NORTE.” The desire to conserve the cultural heritages of the Spanish-Mexican past are noted with the arts, film and progression of the Hollywood film industry that is known as the Mexican Golden Age of Cinema. Cultural preservation is intertwined with the establishment of unions, riots, protests and world war II. With notable individuals who led movements to improve Mexican-American relations.

iHeart Fiesta!!!

For the completion of Hispanic Heritage Month 2021, I would like to share singers / song writers / musicians and artists to reveal the accomplishments of the Hispanic / Latina / Spanish women, and also to emphasize, encourage and thank all who support the strength of a woman within the public realms.