I would like to take the time to congratulate the Florida Panthers Ice Hockey team for their Game 1 win against the Carolina Hurricanes. While I know that the road to the Stanley Cup 2023 is still in-progress. I wanted to document the Florida Panthers win that took place on the 18th of May 2023,Continue reading “QUADRUPLE KISSES!”


I would like to express my gratitude to Senior Senator for Florida Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee for your recent trip to Ecuador. I am proud to support and welcome your efforts, especially to continue to strengthen strategic partnerships in South / Latin America. Ecuador is a country withContinue reading “AMERICAN AND ECUADOR RELATIONS.”


As I was taking the time to reflect upon what to share for the commemoration of Black History Month 2023, I wanted to acknowledge individuals who take the time to mark, share and acknowledge remembrance and commemoration of this month. While as leaders it is our hope that such kinds of remembrances evoke the humanContinue reading “BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2023.”

ANGEL’S READING AND REFLECTIONS, a historical visionary prediction??

As I was taking the time to reflect upon a few key ideas that sparked my interest in Chapter 6 entitled: “Sugar’s Revolution” from the book entitled: “An American History, Cuba” (Ferrer, 2021), I appreciated to learn of Cuba’s first female novelist: Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda (Ferrer, 2021, p. 72). I also reflected upon herContinue reading “ANGEL’S READING AND REFLECTIONS, a historical visionary prediction??”


On January 1st 1804 the Independence Day of Haiti was proclaimed. Haiti is a country in the Caribbean that was originally claimed as Spanish territory by Christopher Columbus in 1942 and known as Hispaniola. For this years Independence of Haiti I would like to share the image of Cathedral Notre-Dame that was considered as oneContinue reading “INDEPENDENCE DAY OF HAITI.”


Entrenched in the World of Islamic Pirates, Catholicism, Spanish explorers and conquistadors, I was reflecting upon the sugar, ginger, jewels, gold, silver mines, that were found in Hispaniola, Cuba and New Spain (Gibson, 2014, p. 70). I wondered has everything been discovered? What if there was still so much to find and discover in theContinue reading “CURIOUS NATURE.”


I would like to take the to wish Peru a very happy Independence ahead of time, as the actual day of Independence occurs on the 28th of July and is a celebration that occurs for 2 days. On the 28th of July it is the commemoration of Peru’s Independence from the Spanish Empire, and aContinue reading “PERU INDEPENDENCE DAY!”


I would like to wish all the countries that are collectively included as Somos iberoamérica! that is translated as We are Ibero-America from the Spanish language, a very happy Somos Iberoamérica day on this July 19th 2022. Somos iberoamérica / Ibero-America are the regions of the Americas that speak, Spanish and Portuguese as the pre-dominantContinue reading “SOMOS IBEROAMÉRICA!”


As I took the time to reflect upon the 1 year anniversary of the protests that stemmed from Cuba, in the wake and creation of the uprising that demanded freedom for the people of Cuba; I reflected and shared what I think is also viewed as the risk of voicing publicly, what is felt internally.Continue reading “REFLECTIONS | PATRIA y VIDA!”


I would like to congratulate the nation of the Bahamas, that was officially known as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas a very happy Independence Day. On July 10th 2022 the Bahamas celebrates its 49 years as a sovereign nation that is Independent from the British Monarchy as declared in 1973. As the British settlers arrivedContinue reading “BAHAMAS INDEPENDENCE DAY!”