These thoughts are a continuation from the journey of study of American History. Within these thoughts I offer a reflective tone, that encompasses a sadness of history tied to the Spanish Explorations, and development of settlements that is deeply entrenched within America present day, but feels somewhat on the brink of being diminished, especially through the development of present day politics.


A continuation of arts and crafts creation during the Coronavirus quarantine time.


These thoughts reflect and provide contexts for the recent art / craft piece that I created entitled: Mardi Gras Mystery!

Mardi Gras, Galveston, TX 2020!

On February 22nd 2020, the Knights of Momus parade took place as part of the Galveston Island Mardi Gras Parade. There were beautiful colors, music, laughter, joy, happiness. Individuals embracing the moment, with the celebration of a historic Galveston tradition. It is difficult to believe that such happiness took place, and then all of aContinue reading “Mardi Gras, Galveston, TX 2020!”