I would like to join the Houston Texans and all who mourn the passing of Jamey Roots. Mr. Roots was an American Sports Executive that served as the first team President of the Houston Texans National Football League (NFL) team. He was a well-known and well-loved Houstonian. Jamey Roots passed away on August 21st, 2022,Continue reading “HOUSTON TEXANS | JAMEY ROOTS”


I would like to take the time to congratulate all the host cities that have been selected for the FIFA World Cup 2026. The FIFA World Cup 2026 is a soccer tournament that includes the 3 countries within the Western Hemisphere of, The United States of America, Canada and Mexico. Congratulations to the 16 cities!!!Continue reading “FIFA WORLD CUP 2026!”


This writing is anchored from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., day to offer my condolences for the Bronx, New York apartment fire, and further evolve to connect with the Russia and Ukraine situation.


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, the city of Houston, Houston Police Department (HPD) and Harris County, police department precinct 5 for the tragic loss of Deputy Constable Charles Galloway. Deputy Galloway was tragically and brutally murdered during the night of January 23rd 2022 at a traffic stop. This isContinue reading “DEPUTY CONSTABLE CHARLES GALLOWAY.”

immersed in you.

The following are some abstract ideas that are coming to mind as I take the time to think about preparing a summary for Chapter 12 from the book entitled “EL NORTE.” I am excited with emerging themes such as reimagine and reawakening the soul of America, through the Spanish roots and hertiage.

Jason Knox.

Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, and all who mourn the loss of Jason Knox. Jason Knox passed away during a helicopter crash, he was 35 years young. We extend symapathies to his family, Houston Police Department, and who mourn his tragic loss. Thank you for your service.Continue reading “Jason Knox.”


These thoughts reflect and provide contexts for the recent art / craft piece that I created entitled: Mardi Gras Mystery!