Spiritual Cleansing?

As we commemorate, celebrate and keep faith-based practices alive, we can be grateful that technological outlets exist to allow for services to be delivered within the comfort of our own homes. But then we can think about what we are prone to loosing from becoming a virtual world / virtual reality. There is great benefitContinue reading “Spiritual Cleansing?”


The following thoughts were inspired as an adoration for the great sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth, I.N.R.I, King of the Jews, the Messiah, the Christ. We pray for peace, loved, harmony, and solemnity as the day of Jesus’ great sacrifice is commemorated on Good Friday. Image source Image source My thoughts to share with loveContinue reading “ADORATION”


The Easter Holy Week is revered as the most Holy Week in the Christian faith calendar after Christmas. The week begins with Palm Sunday that signifies the arrival of Christ in Jerusalem. Upon his entrance the local community blessed Jesus’ arrival with palms, hence the naming of Palm Sunday. This year Palm Sunday may beContinue reading “PALM SUNDAY!”