EASTER 2021!

Within this writing I take the time to reflect upon Easter to draw a parallel to the Christmas season as well as to connect with what a person meaning of Easter is upon the level of the individual.


On April 2nd, 2021 it is Good Friday. This is the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This is a day where Christians as well as many members of various faiths remember the great sacrifice of Christ, who till his death was convinced of just telling the truth. It is upon this day IContinue reading “GOOD FRIDAY.”


As we are in the midst of Easter week, I became reflective upon the approaching days to Good Friday and the three days in-between up until Jesus’ spirit is found by Mother Mary. We all have differences of belief and how we decide to believe, but for me these days are a coming to deepContinue reading “EASTER REFLECTION.”


On Sunday 28th 2021 is it the Christian commemoration of Palm Sunday. This is the day that Jesus Christ – The Messiah entered Jerusalem and was welcomed with Palms, branches and many other types such as the olive branches, these were scattered in-front of Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem. Wishing everyone who celebrates andContinue reading “PALM SUNDAY.”


Within this writing I am reflecting upon the symbol and memory of Christ’s suffering that is derived from the Crown of Thorns. I connect these thoughts to the historic traction of the Greek Olympians wearing a crown that is made with olive branches and wonder of the inherent connections between obtaining a title, winning a championship and the suffering and hard-work that is associated with accomplishments.


As I was not able to receive Ashes this year, I decided to make my own with a Christmas palm that I had saved for about 3 years, and followed this years practice to sprinkle Ashes on top of the head. My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂 Image 1 – Link ImageContinue reading “ASH WEDNESDAY 2021.”

Spiritual Cleansing?

As we commemorate, celebrate and keep faith-based practices alive, we can be grateful that technological outlets exist to allow for services to be delivered within the comfort of our own homes. But then we can think about what we are prone to loosing from becoming a virtual world / virtual reality. There is great benefitContinue reading “Spiritual Cleansing?”


The following thoughts were inspired as an adoration for the great sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth, I.N.R.I, King of the Jews, the Messiah, the Christ. We pray for peace, loved, harmony, and solemnity as the day of Jesus’ great sacrifice is commemorated on Good Friday. Image source Image source My thoughts to share with loveContinue reading “ADORATION”