A Covid Conclusion?

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I was taking the time to reflect upon my previous thoughts, and the series or blog posts that are related to the Coronavirus. This series of posts have really become a journey of questioning, learning and trying to gain more understanding of infection. But as I write today, I simply have come to a realization, that the spread of infection is an act of bio-terrorism, or indeed a social / political experiment. What it is and what the virus has become, evolved and has taken a toll upon human life and suffering. It is important to take note of, but the fact of the matter is that a health pandemic takes a toll upon many facets of social organization and society. The most obvious is human life. The accuracy of death toll numbers from the COVID 19 still remains questionable. The ability to question the truth of the virus, still remains a question, but we can further come to a realization that shutting sown society, issuing terms of mandatory orders, that have not been substantiated by health officials, should actually be recommendations; these are orders once again to induce fear, panic and control.

a health pandemic takes a toll upon many facets of social organization and society. #ShaziaBlog #quote #COVid19

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Additionally, we can wonder how suggestions for Coronavirus cures from the White House briefings, especially from President Trump harm and hurt society, with false claims, that are also not supported, substantiated or backed by science.

NBC News | Trump suggests ‘injection’ of disinfectant to beat coronavirus and ‘clean’ the lungs

The concept of social disruption arrives with such a health crisis. But as local communities / economies, plan to re-emerge, planning and preparations are to start with the behaviours of planning some sort of normalization, because the perceived behaviours – hence perceptions will allow the nodes within the brain to perceive that the panic / health crisis has reduced. But along with behaviour patterns or normal, is also the actual feeling / emotion. Not everyone is able to surpass thought. In other words: if someone has felt fear, fearful or anxiety, then there needs to be some sort of transitional planning, as to how to alleviate anxiety, and feeling fearful, by creating rhetorics that allow with transitional planning. Especially for the individual encounters. For instance: think about attending any type of sports arena. Would you feel comfortable sitting next to another person? Some would say yes, and some would say no. The response of a yes / no allows us to recognize that individuals don’t feel comfortable, as prior to the health pandemic. Of course this is a scenario that I have utilized to illustrate my thoughts, but could very well be a research question to gain understanding of public perceptions.

The fear associated with the virus is also linked to discrimination. Discriminations of our perceptions of the other. Either direct or indirect. But we can also wonder if leaderships are using the virus to demonstrate the validity of their own political policy. As noted earlier: Bernie Sanders Health Care for All and the exposure of pharmaceutical companies connected well, but we can also think of the case for pharmaceuticals, research and development that is essential for bio-defence. But then there are also cases for alternative healing, that are not popularized through main-stream health care services providers, especially because of expense.

wonder if leaderships are using the virus to demonstrate the validity of their own political policy. #ShaziaBlog #quote #COVid19

We also saw earlier President Trump’s immigration announcements. Whilst early on during the pandemic announcements: leaders from both north and south of the American borders worked together to co-ordinate efforts and actions in-terms of border uses and travel, this latest announcement could be views as a discriminatory action, a Covid cover-up to enforce or validate President Trump / the Trump administrations harsh and cruel immigration policy – in other words a form of in-direct discrimination of Hispanic / Latino migrants, or those who seek betterment within America. But even if individuals are seeking to study or work within America – if everything is working remotely for now, that I think it makes more sense to for individuals not to apply for visas at this moment in time. And we have to understand that these are temporary measures, that are in-effect, because of the “human-made” heath crisis.

The health crisis has caused fear / anxiety, social panic, discrimination as well as economic loss, that takes a toll upon the financial health of a nation. This too is a cost that a nation must bear, if it is to put the health of a population at the forefront. But really its not about putting priorities in-order, but to understand the inter-connections of health. Human-health with the economic health of a nation. Nations want a flourishing economy, but economy is always affected by the current events, +/- that take place. This is also why nations are hesitant to report infection to the World Health Organization, or make a public declaration. But to keep silent is also doing humanity an injustice, by not trying to curb / prevent human suffering early-on.

understand the inter-connections of health. Human-health with the economic health of a nation. #ShaziaBlog #quote #COVid19

So as we hope that the pandemic and public health emergency is reduced or even eliminated, we realize that there is much work to be done to bring a sense of normal back.

The Effects of Infections Disease Include:

  • Death, Mortality rates, Disease, Suffering, illness
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Discrimiation
  • Social Disruptions
  • Economic loss
  • Fragmented National and International Relations
  • National and International Security
  • Government disruptions

“As a society is degraded by infectious disease, its populace may lose confidence in a government that seems unable to control the disease. Such a loss in confidence, it has been asserted, results in a degradation of a government’s legitimacy and may lead to increased migration or increased vulnerability to economic or military competition from other nations.”

(Cecchine & Moore 2006).

It is with these thoughts we continue to thank all who are assisting and caring for each other during the Coronavirus health pandemic, and continue to pray for all who have suffered from illness or are grieving from loss.

Reference: Cecchine, G., & Moore, M. (2006). Addressing a New Paradigm: Infectious Disease and National Security. In Infectious Disease and National Security: Strategic Information Needs (pp. 15-28). Santa Monica, CA; Arlington, VA; Pittsburgh, PA: RAND Corporation. Retrieved April 23, 2020, from http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.7249/tr405osd.11

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on April 25th 2020. Please note that the views and opinions contained within this blog post are not affiliated with any particular Government or political party. All views are my own, with quotes as per citations / references. Thank you!

My thoughts to share with love and kindness! 🌹

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