I wanted to take the time to think and reflect upon the G7 summit meeting that is taking place in Cornwall, United Kingdom. This is the first formal gathering of leaders since the beginning of the Coronavirus health pandemic. As public gathered for protests, face to face, arm in arm within the thousands, leaders took precautions and adhered to the Coronavirus restrictions that were set in place. The G7 was probably much distracted from formalities especially for the purposes of meet and greet or “catching up.”

As a continuation of my earlier thoughts that I expressed of First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, I would like to echo the same for Her Majesty (HM) Queen Elizabeth II. HM has revealed the much required strength after losing a loved one. To once again engage within public events. The gathering at the Eden Project reminded me of the film Dare to be Wild, the Chelsea flower show, as well as the Geodesic dome design by American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller. The colorful dresses and suit designs also a reminder of the famed British textile industry, that was critical during the Industrial revolutions as sources for employment.

The strength of HM Queen Elizabeth II’s is also one encompassing through the support of a loving family during tough times. Politics as well as the mingliing of the Royal Crown is sometimes not easy and vice-versa, but within differences there are much similarities, as well as a search for common ground. Arriving in a foreign nation to showcase the nations best is a moment of pride, and of course when all is said and done, through the ups and downs, it is really a matter of how one wants to be remembered.

It is with these words I offer HM Queen Elizabeth II a very happy birthday!! I would especially like to dedicate these words to the courageous Queen of England, Catherine of Aragon, Spain, who married England’s King Henry VIII on June 11th 1509. To connect these thoughts to my current reading and independent research with regards to Spanish American history, the Spanish Crown and Empire, to once again reflect upon the the historical interconnections. Lots of love, hugs and all the best!!!!!

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on June 12th 20201.

Image Link Geodesic Domes inspired designs from Mitchell Park Domes, Milwaukee, USA,

With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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