On January 1st 1804 the Independence Day of Haiti was proclaimed. Haiti is a country in the Caribbean that was originally claimed as Spanish territory by Christopher Columbus in 1942 and known as Hispaniola. For this years Independence of Haiti I would like to share the image of Cathedral Notre-Dame that was considered as oneContinue reading “INDEPENDENCE DAY OF HAITI.”


The above poetry lines were inspired from the original poem by Emily Dickinson entitled: “Wild nights – wild nights!” I reflected upon line 7 and 8 to make inferences to the Christopher Columbus voyages, and to create the poem an response to Dickinson. As I was excited to learn of the “Generations of American schoolContinue reading “12/16/2022.”

Book Reflections | “CUBA: AN AMERICAN HISTORY” Ada Ferrer.

Winter Reading (s) | As I take the time to reflect upon the first reading of Ada Ferrer’s prologue from the book entitled: “Cuba: An American History” (2021), I was inclined to write upon the impressive reviews to delightfully taste the poetic prose of rich history intertwined with Cuba’s American History. I foresee that FerrerContinue reading “Book Reflections | “CUBA: AN AMERICAN HISTORY” Ada Ferrer.”


I would like to wish everyone that celebrates and commemorates Hispanic Heritage Month a very happy month of celebrations. Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15 to October 15 annually. This is a time to reflect upon the immense historical contribution of Hispanic / Latino Americans, as well as to think of the continuous improvementsContinue reading “HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH 2022!”


Entrenched in the World of Islamic Pirates, Catholicism, Spanish explorers and conquistadors, I was reflecting upon the sugar, ginger, jewels, gold, silver mines, that were found in Hispaniola, Cuba and New Spain (Gibson, 2014, p. 70). I wondered has everything been discovered? What if there was still so much to find and discover in theContinue reading “CURIOUS NATURE.”


I took the time to reflect upon democracy and democratic spaces. While it is important to preserve democracy, I wondered do we ever discuss or what should be constituted as a democratic space, where democratic discussions take place? For instance – the students who come together in a classroom, the individuals are from various backgrounds,Continue reading “DEMOCRATIC SPACES?”


I would like to take the to wish Peru a very happy Independence ahead of time, as the actual day of Independence occurs on the 28th of July and is a celebration that occurs for 2 days. On the 28th of July it is the commemoration of Peru’s Independence from the Spanish Empire, and aContinue reading “PERU INDEPENDENCE DAY!”


I would like to wish all the countries that are collectively included as Somos iberoamérica! that is translated as We are Ibero-America from the Spanish language, a very happy Somos Iberoamérica day on this July 19th 2022. Somos iberoamérica / Ibero-America are the regions of the Americas that speak, Spanish and Portuguese as the pre-dominantContinue reading “SOMOS IBEROAMÉRICA!”

Ivana Marie Zelníčková.

On July 14th 2022 we learned of the passing of the 45th President of the United States of America’s ex-wife (m.1977- div. 1992) Ivana Marie Trump, with the surname that is changed to Zelníčková. Mrs. Zelníčková passed away at the age of 73 (1949-2022). She is the mother of President Trump’s 3 children, Donald Jr.,Continue reading “Ivana Marie Zelníčková.”


In honor of the statue unveiling of Dr. Mary Jane McLeod Bethune at the Washington Capitol, National Statuary Hall, Washington D.C., USA. I am proud to join you to offer my congratulations upon this historic moment. Dr. Bethune’s statue is named as the first “Black” American in the Statutory hall, where I would also likeContinue reading “DR. MARY JANE MCLEOD BETHUNE.”