Quarantine Creations.

As we are asked to stay inside within our own homes, it doesn’t mean that we need to feel constrained within the home or our habitual spaces. It is of course nice to be home, and the feeling of home, feel safe and secure, but of course without the feeling or lingering effects of control, fear, induced by the spread of the Coronavirus. It is inherent that there is going to be some sort of psychological response, and we have heard that it is all about mind-set. Maybe it is? But it can be about taking a positive outcome to any situation and circumstance. How are you spending your extra time indoors? There have been moments such as quarantine challenge or the deep cuts challenge. Below I share some of the creative works that I have been working on during the time of the declared Coronavirus pandemic. I took the time to engage in craft making, especially because of the healing quality associated with touch and sensory feeling.


MARDI GRAS MYSTERY! – This is a small work of art with the used of mixed media forms, of pastels, acrylics, and beads on paper. Completed on March 31st, 2020.


SEWING! – I decided to pull out my sexing machine after 3-4 years. The sewing machine needed to be oiled. I left the oil in the machine to sink into the machinery. The tea towels / napkin cloth was sent to me by my mother and father from Azad Kashmir, Pakistan a few years back. I just neatened the edges with a simple cross-stitch.

Arts and Crafts! Paper Flower Making!

Arts and Crafts! Paper Flower Making! These lovely paper flowers were created with pink and red tissue paper, and are held together with felt wire pipe cleaners. I really enjoyed making these. They can be a symbol for spring, or a nice alternative to fresh flowers or as decorative piece on any table.


When we are told to stay indoors, take notice of the human desire to feel the elements, or be amongst nature. I decided to do some indoor spring flower planting.

Book Resource:

The following book is a great practical guide and also for the purposes of research referrals, with the inclusion of many research articles. I refer to this book on a regular basis for thoughts on the expressive arts, especially for trauma healing.

“Among the important new understandings emerging from neuroscience research are: psychological trauma disrupts homeostasis and can cause both acute and chronic effects on many organs and biological systems (Soloman and Heide 2005).”

Carey, 2006.

Reference: Carey, L. (Eds.). (2006). Expressive and Creative Arts Methods for Trauma Survivors. Philadelphia, PA: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on April 5th 2020.

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🌹

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