Within this writing I reflect and congratulate the 2022 NFL Super Bowl SBLVI champions the Los Angeles Rams!


Thank you to all the organizations and community leaders in Houston, Texas that are coming together to provide relief efforts to Houstonians who have especially felt the effects from Winter Storm 2021.


These thoughts are written to serve as inspiration and motivation as one seeks to integrate purpose and goals within the human desire to survive and thrive.


These thoughts reflect upon the alignment of the thinker, the doer, and the creation of the very same excitement that can be found through the various forms of creativity and innovation.


Have you ever read a book that recommends another book? If you have answered yes, then you must have also picked up the book and read that one too. This is how I felt after I read the book entitled: Happy For No Reason, by Marci Shimnoff. Which actually contains many book recommendations, names ofContinue reading “THE AMERICAN INVENTORS!”

The Divine Force!

On May 4th there is a celebration for the Star Wars franchise. Fans of Star Wars commemorate this day with the popular quote / pun: “May The Fourth Be With You.” There are also symbols attached to the phrase which could possibly invoke inferences such as fight or war. However, whilst the fandom / fanContinue reading “The Divine Force!”