Within this blog post I reflect upon the recent winter storm, power outages and water supplies in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, to connect with the need for power and the natural resource of oil to be utilized safely and effectively for good habitats and communities survival needs.


Wishing everyone in Houston, Galveston, surrounding areas and Texas who have suffered from the effects of the wintry storm lots of love, strength and support. I wish that power is restored for you all to keep you warm, and that you all have regained access to water. I continue to keep you in my thoughtsContinue reading “HOUSTON, TEXAS STRONG!”


Our thoughts of love and prayer to all who are being affected with the severe freezing winter storm weather in Texas that have also caused power outages that are dangerous especially for the much needed warmth during the severe cold, and also lead to potential deaths in- cases where hospitals loose power, the elderly, childrenContinue reading “TEXAS FREEZE.”