This writing is a continuation of my reflections from the conversations that are emerging from the Ukraine-Russia situation in Europe that are connected with the discussion of America’s oil / energy supply.


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, Phoenix Police, colleagues, the neighbourhood and all who are affected with the Phoenix Police ambush that took place on the 11th of February 2022. The incident occurred near 51st Avenue and Broadway, where 9 officers were reported as hurt and 1 woman who passedContinue reading “PHOENIX AMBUSH”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, the Mckinley High School community, and all who have been affected with the Mckinley High School tragedy that took place in Buffalo, New York. A student was stabbed and a security guard was shot from the devastating event that took place on Wednesday afternoonContinue reading “MCKINLEY HS, BUFFALO, NY.”


Christopher Columbus, Capitol Rodunda, Relief Sculpture, Washington, DC., USA. On the eve of the first anniversary of the Capitol riots that took place on December 6th 2021. I would like to reiterate my thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to the victims who tragically lost their lives from these attacks. And everyone who was affected,Continue reading “CAPITOL ATTACK ANNIVERSARY.”


Within this writing I reflect upon the new 2021 film adaptation of “West Side Story” from Steven Spielberg’s interview in ABC’s 20/20 special.


I was inpspired to share this Christmas fir tree garland wreath that I created with the branches, white poinsettia flowers and pine cone tree lights for the Made In America Christmas series that is supporting small businesses.

Nuestra América Española!

Within this writing I reflect upon a recent documentary that aired on ABC’s Soul of Nation as a special for Hispanic / Spanish Heritage Month. I was particularly drawn to the Dolores Huerta interview and the discussion of Mount Cristo Rey. This documentary connected well to the current book reading of “EL NORTE” especially as this is the first ever documentary that I have watched with a focus on Hispanic / Spanish Heritage. thank you to ABC’s team. Thank you to everyone involved in putting together this documentary!!!


Within this writing I comment upon the current evolving situation that is taking place in Afghanistan and the emerging response from the Biden Administration. The views are anchored from a simple utterance to further develop this writing.


Within this writing I reflect upon the recent Biden-Putin Summit that was held in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16th 2021.