Within this writing I reflect upon the recent readings and notes from the book entitled: “EL NORTE,” as related to my previous blog posts and current events, and why I feel that it is necessary to read and learn the American Hispanic / Spanish heritage.


This blog post page is to share and preserve thoughts as I read through the book entitled: “EL NORTE, The Epic and Forgotten Story of North America” (Gibson, 2019).


These thoughts are a continuation from the journey of study of American History. Within these thoughts I offer a reflective tone, that encompasses a sadness of history tied to the Spanish Explorations, and development of settlements that is deeply entrenched within America present day, but feels somewhat on the brink of being diminished, especially through the development of present day politics.


These thoughts are written to offer a response to a previous question that I has written and reflected upon during previous writings. With specific focus upon the topic of Confederacy.

A Q and A!

These thoughts reflect upon my a question that I had written in my previous thoughts, they seek to build and expand our awareness upon the significance of the ship / sailboats as modes of travel within history for expeditions, imports and exports of goods and services. I further tie this thought with the protests / socio-political moments which have sought to create unnecessary divides that are not directly linked to the reason of protest. #ShaziaBlog