This writing is a reflection of my previous blog post entitled: Is It Real? To connect with the human response to grief and to peer a step forward with the resettling of Afghan Evacuees as a mechanism to carry the hopes and desires of the U.S. service members whose lives were risen from the Kabul terror attack.


Within this writing I reflect upon the USA mission in Afghanistan to connect with worldwide regional humanitarian crisis such as in Venezuela and Syria. Since writing these words I wondered what words are left to describe the young lives who died to save others, to further question the socially constructed divides that are created by such terror attacks. I continue to remain proud of USA humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan.


This writing is anchored with a simple scribble that evolved with the development of current events relating to the USA evacuation efforts in Afghanistan and the tragic terrorist attacks that took place in Kabul, Afghanistan.


My thoughts of love prayer and condolences to everyone who has been affected with the devastating Kabul attacks that took place on August 26th 2021. The attack in Kabul has been named as a terrorist attack, that took the lives of 13 American service members from the U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy and 60 Afghans. WhilstContinue reading “KABUL AIRPORT ATTACK.”


Within this writing I comment upon the current evolving situation that is taking place in Afghanistan and the emerging response from the Biden Administration. The views are anchored from a simple utterance to further develop this writing.


Within this writing I reflect upon the process of learning as doing something, such as a process to shift a view, create an opinios and to build upon previous learning. It is through this thought that I share views upon the current evolving situation in Afghanistan, Venezuela and the book that I am reading, to discuss and reflect upon my own learning that is evolving through the learning of Spanish American History through its founding and creation story that leads to The United States of America.


I wanted to offer a note upon the recent Afghanistan threat as I felt saddened to learn of this especially as I believe that the United States of America (USA) has taken part in homeland defence as well as peace-keeping missions within Afghanistan. Leaderships must understand the monetary and human-cost that is associated with war.Continue reading “THE AFGHANISTAN THREAT.”


“To other nations, Utopia is a blessed past never to be recovered. For America it is just beyond the horizon.” (2019) On February 29th 2020 to the amazement of the world, the United States of America signed a historic peace deal with with Afghanistan. It was historic because of the very fact that Afghanistan reachedContinue reading “29/02/20!”