REFLECTION | Afghanistan: A tug of war?

Former Republican nominee and the 45th President, Donald J. Trump upon his Presidency once said: “I inherited a mess.” As I related my thoughts … the World’s a mess; not in a literal sense, but in terms of the politics of the day, regional tensions, humanitarian crisis’ and much more. In a similar view there are our thoughts. Our thought life becomes messy and we need time and space to sift through out thinking process, and simply to organize what is desired to be said, written, or the formulation of a view and opinion. It takes strength and energy to shift thoughts, to debate, is it worth it or not? Is it worth the time and energy? But if something keeps cropping up within our thoughts, then maybe it is worth our time and energy?

This is what I thought about as I deliberated within my thoughts, with regards to the situation in Afghanistan. I wondered if America – USA intervention is worth it again? Especially after the President Joseph R. Biden Jr. order for the withdrawal of US troops, that was also met with the devastating suicide attack, to claim 13 U.S. service members lives and Afghan civilian life. But the fact and truth is that there were soldiers who cared for Afghan civilian life, especially as we saw images of U.S. soliders carrying new-borns and trying to save Afghan civilian life.

I was proud that U.S. service members still possessed the courage to carry-out the Afghanistan evacuation missions. I continue to hope that Afghans, especially civilians who were evacuated from Afghanistan to the USA, including Buffalo, New York, NY, are resettled through a process of ease. Individuals who are now in America must realize that resettlement takes times, and that there are always going to be ups and downs.

But my concern and thoughts were once again triggered as I decided to watch a film / documentary that was entitled: “3 Songs For Benazir.” The name of the film is what enticed me to watch the film, as I remembered the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, a Former Pakistani Prime Minister, that was the first woman to ever lead a nation with a Democratic Government. The film almost a documentary style that is rated as 13+ and is 22 minutes long, leads us into the internal lives of a young Afghan couple. Whilst I was touched by the young mans desire to protect his wife and children, especially through the bond of love. The links to culture and religion become visible as Afghans are known to be very protective of their women, especially ones wife. What evoked my concerns and remained on my mind was the Opium addiction. As young workers / Afghans resort to picking Opium for work and livelihood. The addictions lead to devastating mental health impact, strains, and the division of the very families that one desires to earnestly protect. The film also hints at American soldiers who watch over Afghan families, to try to keep some sense of order, safety and security. Even in the midst of life risk.

As a response from watching “3 Songs For Benazir” a conversation and dialogue re-opens again. If America leaving Afghanistan was the best solution, as a result of the Taliban take-over? But then we have to remember the Taliban also wanted the U.S. to leave their lands / territory. But is it finite? Maybe the Taliban was wrong? Maybe a transitional process was needed, as I indicated in earlier writing; that some sort of U.S. mission presence is still needed in Afghanistan. It does take courage to admit, maybe it was the wrong decision for the abrupt Taliban take-over and a U.S. withdrawal. Inevitably we have to look at or think over the situation from all angles, and especially as humanitarian concerns are growing, journalists are once again writing about the rising concerns.

I am unsure about a U.S. Government, political / military response at this point. But I know that there are many points of focus here in the West that concern the U.S. and Mexico border, Latin America, migrants, refugees, and the many crisis’ that are silenced even more from the Coronavirus health pandemic. But I also think that Afghanistan should not be ignored, and it is important to remember that terror attacks happen to create divisions, cause hate and divides. To once again focus my thoughts in the realm of thankfulness and gratitude, to the families of the U.S. soldiers who risked and gave their life for America’s missions in Afghanistan. Whatever the future holds for political discourse and decision, I am forever grateful for your service and sacrifice.

Notes and Reflections | These thoughts were originally hand-written on February 7th and February 10th 2022. I would like to thank the George W. Bush Presidential Center for sharing an article via twitter, from which I regained the strength and courage to continue to write this blog post earlier this morning, that I originally began to write on the 7th of February 2022. Thank you for raising our awareness’ and keeping the conversation open. As per previous blog posts I have written upon the America and Afghanistan, and have sought to try to find closure upon Americas withdrawal, however; the dire humanitarian concern is also a question a quest for our human consciousness, moral obligation and responsibility, where interventions may no-longer be a direct military involvement, but rather aid / humanitarian organizations. These thoughts can also be transferred to any regional Global / International crisis’, thus; the Worlds a mess, but not in a literal sense.

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With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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