MET GALA 2023.

I would like to wish and thank everyone that participated in the Met Gala of 2023 a huge congratulations for a spectacular successful event. The event where stars and studs arrive from the various specialty genres, such as modeling, singers, artists, famed public, political media personalities, and so forth. I appreciate that individuals are ableContinue reading “MET GALA 2023.”


WINTER WONDER (4) is a continuation of winter wonder art, this specific design is a continuation of the themes / reflections as described within Winter Wonder (2). Take a moment to let the art speak the heart. SHARED WITH HEARTFELT LOVE AND KINDNESS!¬† MARAVILLA DE INVIERNO (4) es una continuaci√≥n del arte de las maravillasContinue reading “WINTER WONDER (4)”


I reflected upon my previous writings, the connections of the embroidery design, entitled as America’s Bougainvillea; current events that may not be at the forefront of the main-stream news media, but are fluttering amongst political discussions. Latin / South America – I reflected upon the presence of the three great powers: The United States ofContinue reading “THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE?!”