On January 3rd 2023 the 118th United States Congress was sworn in with the newly elected and re-elected Senate officials and House Representatives, for the U.S. Congress. I would like to congratulate you all upon the importance of your elected positions, to once again reiterate your capacity to truly shape the course of society, populations;Continue reading “THE 118TH UNITED STATES CONGRESS.”


I would like to take the time to congratulate the country of Argentina for their win of the 2022 World Cup Final win that concluded on the 18th of December 2022 in the host nation of Qatar. As per previous writings I was proud to learn that Qatar is the first-ever Arab nation to holdContinue reading “FIFA WORLD CUP FINAL 2022!”


I would like to wish the 2022 FIFA World Cup International tournament that is taking place in Qatar this year a successful event as the host nation. Qatar represents the first ever Arab nation to hold the FIFA World Cup in the Khalifa International Stadium!! Good Luck to all the teams!! Image Link With LoveContinue reading “FIFA WORLD CUP 2022!!”

U.S. Rep. A. Donald McEachin.

I would like to express my thoughts of sympathies and condolences to family, friends, relatives the United States Senate, politicians, political community and all who mourn the passing of American politician and lawyer U.S. Rep. A. Donald McEachin, D-Va. Representative McEachin was a Democratic elected official for the 4th district of Virginia. I echo theContinue reading “U.S. Rep. A. Donald McEachin.”


As I close my eyes and drift away to a land where there is love, health, peace and blessings. I wanted to take the time to think and reflect. The truth is that I decided to take a break from writing my blog posts. The decision was one that contains elements of flexibility given thatContinue reading “THE POLITICS OF GLOBALIZATION.”


The truth is the other day as we were taking the time to have a conversation around the table, I reiterated that I don’t think that any form of extremism is a good idea and that in all the spheres of life, a type of balance is necessary. And even if there are individuals andContinue reading “RESPONSE | SOUL OF THE NATION?!”


I took the time to reflect upon democracy and democratic spaces. While it is important to preserve democracy, I wondered do we ever discuss or what should be constituted as a democratic space, where democratic discussions take place? For instance – the students who come together in a classroom, the individuals are from various backgrounds,Continue reading “DEMOCRATIC SPACES?”

A Life Kiss!!

I would like to take the time to share my recent art-work that I completed on April 13th 2022 that was inspired from my sketch entitled: A Life Kiss! The painted art is a growth of the sketch, that desires to reveal the World / Universe that is within us, that is perceived through theContinue reading “A Life Kiss!!”


On July 11th 2022 it is the 1 year anniversary of the socio-political movement that stemmed from Cuba, known as Patria y Vida and that also included the many voices, opinions and all who supported this movement with SOS Cuba also with the hashtag: #SOSCUBA. Patria y Vida is translated from Spanish as Homeland andContinue reading “PATRIA y VIDA”


On this day of June 19th 2022 the Federal Holiday of Juneteenth is observed. For this day I would like to wish all who celebrate, or reflect upon the occasion of Juneteenth all the best. I think that it takes courage for nations to come to terms with harsh histories, I commend the United StatesContinue reading “JUNETEENTH 2022.”