On this day of June 19th 2022 the Federal Holiday of Juneteenth is observed. For this day I would like to wish all who celebrate, or reflect upon the occasion of Juneteenth all the best. I think that it takes courage for nations to come to terms with harsh histories, I commend the United StatesContinue reading “JUNETEENTH 2022.”


I would like to take the time to congratulate all the host cities that have been selected for the FIFA World Cup 2026. The FIFA World Cup 2026 is a soccer tournament that includes the 3 countries within the Western Hemisphere of, The United States of America, Canada and Mexico. Congratulations to the 16 cities!!!Continue reading “FIFA WORLD CUP 2026!”


I wish Columbia all the very best for the Presidential Election that is taking place, and also to thank Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) for pointing our direction to the Columbian Election. While I would like to learn more about the Columbian electoral process, I do think that it is critical and vital for countries withinContinue reading “ELECCCIONES COLUMBIA AND VENEZUELA.”


I reflected upon my previous writings, the connections of the embroidery design, entitled as America’s Bougainvillea; current events that may not be at the forefront of the main-stream news media, but are fluttering amongst political discussions. Latin / South America – I reflected upon the presence of the three great powers: The United States ofContinue reading “THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE?!”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, the United States Senate, fellow Republicans, Democrats, the political community and nation, for the passing of Senator Orrin Grant Hatch. Senator Hatch passed away on April 23, 2022 at the young age of 88. He was the longest serving Republican Senator in the U.S.Continue reading “SENATOR ORRIN HATCH.”


As I was taking the time to reflect and digest upon the various opinions and views associated with President Joseph R. Biden Jr’s decision to lift Title 42. I decided that I would take the time to formulate an opinion / view to share. Before we could either decide to agree, disagree, or remain neutral.Continue reading “TITLE 42.”


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The Creation of War: Evasion Attention.

As I was taking the time to reflect upon current World events such as the war in Ukraine that is led by Russia, the devastating effects that are creating a humanitarian impact, the Coronavirus Health Pandemic, the impacts are still being felt, as nations and regions begin the re-opening phases. Within this moment | IContinue reading “The Creation of War: Evasion Attention.”


I was inspired to write this quote as I was recently reading the words EN VIVO! As shared by Senator M. Rubio’s (R-FLA.) twitter feed. To tell you the truth I was actually quite surprised to see these words that I absolutely love. The word (s) EN VIVO is translated from Spanish as live withContinue reading “EN VIVO!”


The above quote is shared from a previous blog post that was written as part of the Russia-Ukraine War. While I continue to believe that the war is motivated from the root cause to claim natural resources and a power grab. I would like to re-affirm a focus to that of World Peace and InternationalContinue reading “MY PURPOSE OF PEACE.”