With the United States of America’s (USA) withdrawal, the evolution and the rapidity of events leading to the last remaining American soldiers to leave Afghanistan many emotional responses were created. The scaled down withdrawal, to an evacuation mission, with the disruption and devastation of the tragic loss of U.S. soldiers, where one could simply utilize the words of trauma stricken.

We all respond differently to grief, for people who are actually there to witness the horrors of war / tragedies, to the families who are left to bear the wounds and scars. Communities and nations collectively grieve. Our response differs. I know from my own personal experiences – the survival instinct of life takes charge, the desire to give life, to create moments of hope, optimism as a shared source of strength.

I was once told that I was an eternal optimist. Maybe I am? Or maybe we can see past the illusions that are created to evoke hate and divisions? Which is why I entitled my previous blog post as: Is It Real? You can have your view or opinion, but for me: I know that the Biden Administration was criticized, but I believe that the humanitarian efforts were and are genuine. The genuine effort was brutally sabotaged by the terror attack, to create numbness, pain and shock.

There is a lot to cope with. It is a time where survival is intertwined with the strength of the human spirit. There is much more work to be done in terms of resettling Afghan evacuees which the Americans have carried with them from Afghanistan. Maybe the best way to honor the lives that were lost within the terror attack is to carry the hopes and desires of the U.S. service members; to finally put war to an end and help those as the mission intended?

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on August 31st 2021.

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Dedication: to all who continue to carry out the mission to safeguard the Afghans that will eventually resettle in America and partner NATO Allies. Thank you for your service.

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With Love & Kindness!

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