My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives and all who are affected with the fires that took place in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico at a migrant detention center. Approximately 37-39 deaths are reported from this incident where all or most of the individuals are migrants. The location of the Instituto Nacional deContinue reading ”┬áCIUDAD JUAREZ, MEXICO.”


On Sunday January 8th 2022 President Joseph R. Biden Jr., and delegation took a trip to visit the U.S. Southern Border where he landed in El Paso, Texas. A bipartisan group of Republican Senators also visited during this time. Aamid much criticism of the President’s handling of the migrants arriving from Central and South AmericaContinue reading “PRESIDENT BIDEN’S BORDER VISIT.”


As I was taking the time to reflect upon the Christmas season of 2022, I connected my reflections with current events as well as the actions of leaders. Especially to mention the crisis of the U.S. Southern border and the influxes of migrants that desire a safe haven in the United States of America. WhileContinue reading “CHRISTMAS REFLECTIONS 2022!!”


I would like to wish all the migrants who are approaching the U.S. Southern border El Paso, Texas, all the very best of health as they partake the decision to enter the USA via Southern Border Ports. Many of the migrants are from Nicaragua, Venezuela and Honduras, who are trying to escape political oppressions andContinue reading “CRISIS AT THE BORDER.”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, the San-Antonio, Texas community and all that are affected with the devastation of the migrant tractor, trailer that was carrying migrants from Mexico. The tractor-trailer / caravan is the largest known carrier of migrants from Mexico to the USA, where 46 migrant bodies wereContinue reading “MIGRANT, TRACTOR TRAILOR, SAN-ANTONIO, TEXAS.”


As I was taking the time to reflect and digest upon the various opinions and views associated with President Joseph R. Biden Jr’s decision to lift Title 42. I decided that I would take the time to formulate an opinion / view to share. Before we could either decide to agree, disagree, or remain neutral.Continue reading “TITLE 42.”

REFLECTION | Afghanistan: A tug of war?

Within this writing I reflect upon the US Afghanistan withdrawal as a response to watching the film entitled: “3 Songs For Benazir.” In particular concern to Opium Addictions, mental health and the impact upon individuals and families.


Within this writing I once again reflect upon my current reading to connect with quotes to offer a further understanding of the social constructivist view that shifts Global views and attention for foreign aid and service. To further ponder upon the crisis’ that are left ignored and the histories that are silenced.


This writing is a continuation of my previous blog post entitled: The Alaska meeting, to further explore the last few words with regards to the responsibility of the Venezuelan Humanitarian crisis, given the recent announcements for TPS and the DREAMERS. I ponder upon nations who have betrayed Venezuela, for other nations to assist and help, but also to leave helping nations in a precarious position, given that the Maduro regimes does not acknowledge the humanitarian crisis.