I wanted to take the time to think and reflect with regards to the current situation in Afghanistan: The humanitarian and political crisis of Venezuela is ranked close to nations / regions such as Afghanistan and Syria (Ausman & I, 2019; Beyer et al., 2019; Gedan 2017). The difference from the current example of Afghanistan is that once a peaceful nation, is facing unsettlement in the wake of leadership change, the U.S. withdrawal, the evacuation mission and recent terrorist attacks. Global regional crisis’ that deserve attention are overshadowed by the quickness of harm, that a terrorist attack or war can create. Often times crisis’ are socially constructed as a Governments desire, and to create a timing to a world-wide response to a crisis. But this also does not mean to say that leaders should ignore what is deemed as a responsibility.

Scholars have noted that historically America was and should be included as part of Latin America, which is why I was actually quite pleased with the USA beginning to open the dialogue, for talks with Venezuela together with various nations / parties. And of course this is an area for our attention. But what is interesting about Afghanistan as much as President Biden’s desire for a withdrawal – is a cut operation without the paste – but it is the cut that desires the paste, thus; a type of bleeding that requires healing. Especially in the shared grief that has been caused by the terrorist attack.


Whilst we honor the thirteen (13) USA Service members who passed away, I wondered if Afghans felt the same? Would you mourn the passing of a USA Service member who tried to help you? We could think of the question as being selfish, but it can be viewed as a harsh truth. Given the tensions in Afghanistan – in my view, I am proud of American efforts in Afghanistan. The bravery and courage of service members who died with a cause to help the vulnerable. And are still carrying our evacuation missions.

But of course there is more to think about given the unfolding of current events. To balance my thoughts: whilst USA Service members are desiring to help these who are severely at-risk, it is also during the fragility that the Afghans are struggling to save their lives. To realize that when one is in a state of fragility the focus becomes the desire to survive. Thus; one can only help another when one is in a position to do so, pending the type of help that is required. These thoughts have the capacity to be transferred to other regional crisis’ as well.

UPDATE | These thoughts were originally hand-written on August 29th 2021. Since writing these thoughts XVIII Airborne Corps revealed that the last USA solider in Afghanistan has left the nation on August 30th 2021.

Notes: As I have been writing and publishing my views upon Afghanistan to my website, it is important to note that the rapid unfolding of events have often times left me with incomplete thoughts or maybe thoughts that do require more time to ponder upon, but I am guessing that this truly exemplifies that sometimes we cannot control outer events and the pace of what happens. I know that the Biden Administration is receiving worldwide criticism as well as from Republicans in America, about how the Afghanistan situation was handled. I believe that response and rhetorics should be carefully considered especially as it is important to learn and not repeat past mistakes. And I also feel that the situation in Afghanistan became more complex especially after the terrorist attack of August 26th, 2021.

Dedication: These words are dedicated to all who risked their lives and ultimately sacrificed all, supporting Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. I know that your efforts were and are genuine and do feel sad that events were constructed as such, to disarray the humanitarian effort. A word of thank you for your life is simply not enough. God Bless You.

I would like to dedicate Sky Dragon Soliders, Operation Sentinel Freedom, XVIII Airborne Corps and to all who were involved in the Afghanistan Missions. Here I am pictured on August 21st 2021, wearing baby dragon earrings. I was not aware of Sky Dragon at the time.

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With Love & Kindness.

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