I would like to take the time to offer my thoughts of love and closeness to the State of Texas and the City of Uvalde, Texas, USA. Uvalde became the victim of a gun massacre that was much greater than first perceived as news stories emerged from the media. We are horrified with the lossContinue reading “UVALDE VIGIL, TEXAS.”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, the United States Senate, fellow Republicans, Democrats, the political community and nation, for the passing of Senator Orrin Grant Hatch. Senator Hatch passed away on April 23, 2022 at the young age of 88. He was the longest serving Republican Senator in the U.S.Continue reading “SENATOR ORRIN HATCH.”

EASTER 2022.

Easter Sunday – On April 17. 2022 it is the day of Easter Sunday. This is the joyous day when the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. Thank you to all that make Easter Commemoration and Service possible. Happy Easter!!! Easter Vigil – Vigilia Pascual is the Easter Vigil Mass and the first mass the officiallyContinue reading “EASTER 2022.”


I join fellow U.S. Senators, politicians and colleagues who mourn the passing of the Honorable Senator and United States House of Representatives’ Dean, Donald Edwin Young. Republican Donald Edwin Young was the longest member to serve the current U.S. congress and represented the state of Alaska for 49 years. Rep. Young (R-AK) was the lastContinue reading “DONALD EDWIN YOUNG.”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives and to all who mourn the passing of Officer Andrew Gomez. Gomez was just 35 years young as his life was taken, he served for the Miami Police Department with the Kendall District. As this time I send my sympathy to all during thisContinue reading “OFFICER ANDREW GOMEZ.”

Pi Day.

Please enjoy our Pie that I baked especially for Pi 𝛑.day and to celebrate the passing of Senator Rubio’s (R-FL) legislation entitled as: S. 623: The SunShine Protection Act.


My thoughts of love prayer and condolences to everyone who has been affected with the devastating Kabul attacks that took place on August 26th 2021. The attack in Kabul has been named as a terrorist attack, that took the lives of 13 American service members from the U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy and 60 Afghans. WhilstContinue reading “KABUL AIRPORT ATTACK.”


I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathies to the Chicago Police Department, colleagues, friends, loved ones, family and all who mourn the loss of Police Officer Ella French. French was just 29 years young and was murdered on August 7th 2021, whilst another police officer is in hospital fighting for his life. At thisContinue reading “POLICE OFFICER ELLA FRENCH.”