As part of the 1 year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I took the time to reflect upon the recent ABC’s News exclusive with David Muir. As Muir sits down with President Joseph R. Biden Jr., we learn of the United States full support for troops on the ground, the provision of any-kind of military assistance, including tanks, artillery and air defence, with President Biden who has ruled out sending F-16’s to Ukraine at this time. I appreciate that President Biden has shared these insights via the David Muir interview, as I reflected: “that the U.S. ‘would respond’ and referred to sanctions other countries have received after supporting Russia” (2023).

While I think that it is quite natural to assume the condemnation and the barbarism of War, especially as we reflect upon innovation, design, technologies that pave future forward. We somewhat lag behind with the tortures of humans, to claim territory and any-kind of oppositional view is sought as adverse or adversary.

However, with the idea of the World Public that looks towards its leaders as peacemakers, I recognize the many complexities of this war. Triggers that I have written about previously. I reflected upon President Vladimir Putin who believes that the people of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are united as one people of the what was known as the Russian Empire (Mankoff, 2022). But then can we justify the atrocity from war actions and the humanitarian disasters of Ukraine, that have destabilized the peace and security of Europe?

This 1 year anniversary has coincided with the Turkey Earthquake. And also question the disproportionate assistance of humanitarian aid and efforts in Afghanistan, and how American(‘s) withdrawal has also affected Afghanistan. Similar to the country of Uyghurs. In keeping with these thoughts, I think that any-kind of claim to Ukraine, could have happened with some-kind of agreement – such as the historical land agreements / purchases that were signed to form the early United States.

Russia’s claim or victory of Kyiv would significantly strengthen Russia. Upon the flip side we continue to recognize the strength, determination and resilience of Ukrainians who claim and fight for Ukraine as a sovereign nation. But as the 1 year anniversary is marked with World Symbols turning colors of the Ukrainian flag, we wonder are we standing with a nation, promoting Ukrainian nationalism, or simply with individuals who have lost so much from brutal force?

As we walk or in the midst of our interactions, we may come-across a Ukrainian or a Russian, that has fled war-torn regions. We may not see a Ukrainian or Russian per se, but rather someone who has experienced much, and just wants to find a place to feel safe, secure and survive.

Reflections | In the eyes of God we humans are born to thrive, from our passion, our purpose is born. And sometimes the conditions we face are God’s way of teaching, trying to tell us something, or a path of life that needs to be taken or fulfilled. But for now even with the war in Ukraine, the Coronavirus restrictions – I reflect upon the homelessness, or one that is struck with his / her own illnesses, as it is also our human nature to tend to one’s own immediate needs and survival. Thus; to also recognize the many topical and political issues of resolve that require attention, such as the U.S. Southern Border crisis, South, Central American migrations, and the homeland of the United States of America.

Thank you.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on February 25th 2023 and updated on the 26th of February 2023. All views and opinions are my own and cited as per required. Thank you.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸 💐

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