I wanted to take the time to think and reflect as yesterday AM (08.25.2021) I decided to scribble the words: Why It Matters on a piece of paper in my journal quickly, as a reminder for a blog post topic. I didn’t get the chance to mull over my thinking as earlier this AM (08.26.2021), I learned of the two (2) devastating suicide bomb attacks that took place at the Hamid Karzai International Airport , Kabul, Afghanistan. Within this devastating tragedy at least (13) USA service members were killed and fifteen (15) service members were injured, along with dozens (60) of Afghans. This truly is a tragic day for the U.S. Marines, Navy, Nation, Foreign service members and Afghanistan.

It is truly heart-breaking because these are the very service-members who are also trying to assist as much as possible with evacuation processes in Afghanistan. The tragedy of American lives lost. Families of those who have been killed now have to process – a child who is either fatherless, motherless. A wife who grieves her husband, vice-versa, and the many relations that are severed from this loss of life.

American service members are placed in a moment of fragility – where there is unsettling and indecisiveness, as to the evacuation mission in Afghanistan. To weigh in the odds of the many thousands of Afghans who are at-risk / vulnerable because of a Taliban take-over. Whilst the loss of American lives is absolutely a tragedy, I believe that this tragedy can be viewed as a hate-crime to deter America – The United States of America from the evacuation missions.

Tragedies as these can be viewed as plots to deter a nations desire for humanitarian efforts. For instance: previous and present USA administration are known for their hard stance to deter refugees and migration processes, such as the region of the USA and the Southern Border. As Gedan writes: “the Trump administration has shown little sympathy for refugees” (Gedan, 2017, p. 62), but former President Trump was the first sitting President to initiate an Afghanistan Peace Deal. Evacuation and helping missions add to how one views another nation, particularly to assist the vulnerable. I also believe that nations are placed in a difficult position such as the political vs., the truth. In this case we can think about a leadership / regime who is describing otherwise, but then again it wasn’t the Taliban who claimed responsibility for this attack.

In this case it was ISIS-K. I cried a lot, as I wondered who ISIS-K was? Or maybe a realization of who ISIS-K might be?

I am heartbroken that ISIS-K would harm American efforts in Afghanistan, even as America is telling you that they are going to leave you and your bloody ravaging war. Whilst we can still agree or disagree with the American withdrawal, at this point in time, I believe that America and NATO Allies would do best to take care of the precious Afghan lives that they are bringing into America and let Afghanistan take care of its country.

Pictured on August 24th 2021. – Instagram Link

But leaving a country that is ravaged by war, where there are civilians at risk by night and day, where humanitarian missions are also at risk may not be the right answer. It is actually a call for the international community organizations and leaderships to draw closer, especially with Allies of America to deliver a strong united message to hopefully a nation who in my view, won’t be named as an adversary. Because I am quite sure that the people of Afghanistan simply want to prosper and live their lives too.

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Reference | Gedan, B. N. (2017) Venezuelan Migration: Is the Western Hemisphere Prepared for a refugee Crisis? The SAIS Review of International Affairs, 37 (2), 57.

Dedication: During this time of fragility and loss of life, I would like to dedicate these words to the U.S. service members and Afghans who were killed with the tragic suicide bombing attacks on August 26th 2021. Thank you for your service. Rest in peace. God Bless You and God Bless America.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on August 26th 2021.

With Love & Kindness.

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