As part of the 1 year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I took the time to reflect upon the recent ABC’s News exclusive with David Muir. As Muir sits down with President Joseph R. Biden Jr., we learn of the United States full support for troops on the ground, the provision of any-kindContinue reading “REFLECTIONS: RUSSIA’S UKRAINE INVASION | 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY.”

ANGEL’S READING AND REFLECTIONS, a historical visionary prediction??

As I was taking the time to reflect upon a few key ideas that sparked my interest in Chapter 6 entitled: “Sugar’s Revolution” from the book entitled: “An American History, Cuba” (Ferrer, 2021), I appreciated to learn of Cuba’s first female novelist: Gertrudis G√≥mez de Avellaneda (Ferrer, 2021, p. 72). I also reflected upon herContinue reading “ANGEL’S READING AND REFLECTIONS, a historical visionary prediction??”


My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives and all who are affected with the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The earthquake struck on Monday 6th of February, the original death toll of 21,000 is rapidly climbing. As we hear of the devastations and life loss, there are glimmersContinue reading “TURKEY / SYRIA EARTHQUAKE.”